Britain’s Health & Safety Statistics For 2016-17

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It’s that time of year again – the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has released their statistics for workplace health and safety for 2016-17. So, are we healthier and safer at work? Has the cost of sickness and injury reduced in the last year and what about enforcement levels? In… Read More »

3 Things Safety Managers Should Avoid Doing

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Being in charge of a group of people isn’t easy. Aside from all the usual things that you need to balance from different personalities and workplace conflicts, to ensuring that work is completed on time, a safety manager has added responsibilities. Keeping on top of health and safety legislation and… Read More »

A Guide To Working Safely With Contractors

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Many businesses use contractors to help with one off projects or on a long term basis. A contractor is someone who is carrying out work for a company but is not actually an employee of that company. Similarly, a sub-contractor is an individual or a firm that is brought on… Read More »

Project Skills Solutions’ Pass Plus

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Project Skills Solutions now offer a pass plus on selected courses. That means we are so confident you will pass your course that if you don’t we will welcome you back to study all or part of your course, and retake your assessment, all you have to pay is the registration fee!… Read More »

What Are The Key Priorities For The HSE In 2017-18?

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Sick days taken by workers might be at one of the lowest levels however work related injuries still cost around £14 billion to the British economy. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has set out its strategy for the next year and lessening this financial impact is one of its… Read More »

What Constitutes A Hazard in the Workplace?

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It may sound like an obvious question but what constitutes a hazard in the workplace? Many hazards aren’t blatantly obvious and when we think of a potential danger at work we normally conjure up a physical or chemical hazard. The reality is that many things at work can be dangerous… Read More »

What Are The Best EU Countries For Workplace Safety

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Health and safety can differ greatly from country to country. The EU does have a legal framework in place that outlines the minimum number of regulations that need to be implemented and also provides protection for workers in their employment. That being said, the data across the EU shows that… Read More »

E-Learning vs Face-To-Face

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Learning a new skill, taking a course or undergoing training to further your career doesn’t mean sitting in a classroom anymore. In fact, e-learning is incredibly popular and has been growing dramatically in recent years. A study in 2015 showed that 23% of students wouldn’t undertake a degree if there wasn’t an… Read More »

3 Tips To Pass The NEBOSH Exam

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So, you have the NEBOSH exam coming up. To gain your NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety qualification you need to pass a test. The exam is carried over one day and it covers aspects of the entire NEBOSH course from health and safety legislation, practising first… Read More »

What Is The Site Safety Plus Scheme?

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The Site Safety Plus Scheme, run through The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), is designed for people working in the civil engineering, building and associated industries to boost their existing knowledge and learn new skills to further their career. It is aimed at all levels of the workforce from the… Read More »

Why You Should Take A Working At Heights Refresher Course

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Working at heights is one of those things that you hear about in relation to ‘health and safety gone mad’. We’ve all read the story about the window cleaner not being allowed to use a ladder anymore but if we cut through the sensationalism there is a very relevant reason… Read More »

What Is A CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course?

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So you are thinking of taking a CITB health and safety awareness course to boost your skills and career prospects? Well if you are wondering what the course is about and who it is designed for then you have come to the right place. Every year, thousands of people trying… Read More »

IOSH Membership

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Membership of IOSH (The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) can open a lot of doors to your career development while enhancing your skills and allowing you to directly impact health and safety policy in the UK. Joining an organisation isn’t always an easy decision however with an IOSH membership… Read More »

How to Motivate an Underperforming Team

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Not everyone performs to their highest level 100% of the time. This is OK as we are only human however when it starts to become a problem you need to take action. In fact, many managers are left wondering how to motivate an underperforming team when nothing they do seems… Read More »

IOSH Courses Announced in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

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Project Skills Solutions are happy to announce IOSH courses in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. We have teamed up with the Premier Inn in Mansfield to provide a conveniently located training venue, free parking, just off the M1 (junction 28) and a course experience that includes free lunch and refreshments throughout and free… Read More »

Why You Should Treat Your Employees As An Asset

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How do you view your employees? You pay them a wage and invest in training and development so they can work to the standard you require. You might also cover costs for business trips and other activities. This makes them seem like an expense. After all, you are paying money… Read More »

A Guide For Managing New Employees

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No-one likes being the new person at work. They probably don’t really know anyone and they might even be new to the industry itself. Workplaces can create cliques and it can be difficult as an outsider to integrate right away. For managers, new employees can create a problem as well…. Read More »

3 Reasons Why Micromanagement Doesn’t Work

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We don’t like bosses that breathe down our necks all day long. While having a manager on hand should anything go wrong is a good thing, having them critiquing your every action in work has a detrimental impact on your performance. Micromanagement is a concept that has been around for… Read More »

How To Help Your Staff Work As A Team

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When you think about it, workplaces can seem a bit strange. A group of complete strangers are thrown into an environment where they need to work towards a common goal. Disagreements and arguments are sure to arise at some point although we blogged about some effective ways to deal with… Read More »

#WheresMarvin Who is Marvin?

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Who is Marvin? #WheresMarvin Marvin is our training company mascot and features on our website, promotional material and our course materials. He promotes our slogan ‘Don’t Duck out of Training’. Every delegate who books onto a course with Project Skills Solutions receives a Marvin stress ball duck. He likes to… Read More »

Positive And Negative Reinforcement As A Management Strategy

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Managing staff is never easy. Aside from having to supervise their work and deal with conflict or issues within your team you need to focus on your own tasks as well. There are various management strategies out there however positive and negative reinforcement are two of the most commonly used… Read More »

What is IOSH Managing Safely Training?

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Are you or a colleague interested in the IOSH Managing Safely Training course? Do you need a little further information about the IOSH course? The IOSH Managing Safely training course has recently been updated and Project Skills Solutions are now delivering the IOSH version 5.0. With the IOSH Managing Safely… Read More »

How Can You Improve Your Effectiveness As A Safety Manager

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Health and safety is a topic that can spark a heated discussion. Many people think that health and safety regulations have gone too far and others think that they don’t go far enough. For managers this can prove to be a problem. Especially when it comes to managing your team…. Read More »

IOSH Managing Safely Training- Cardiff

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  Project Skills Solutions Ltd have just launched IOSH Managing Safely Training Courses in Cardiff City Centre, Wales. Perfectly located for companies and individuals based in Cardiff, Newport, Cwmbran, Caerphilly, Barry, Monmouth, Merthyr Tydfil, Pontypridd, Magor and Penarth. The venue is not far from Cardiff Central train station or Cardiff Queen… Read More »

5 Tips For A Successful Safety Meeting With Your Staff

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Meetings are often associated with the worst part of our working day. Sitting quietly in a room and having the dreaded “let’s go round the table and see what everyone thinks” isn’t everyone’s idea of a productive way to spend an hour. Meetings don’t need to be like this. In… Read More »


“Very good learning curve and an excellent tutor in Michelle delivered the course excellently every week” “(The course) has allowed me to make positive changes in the workplace. Help to install confidence” “Given good framework to consider different elements of management role and how to manage more effectively” “The ILM training will help me become… Read More »

April 2013 ILM Course

“Honestly, the course was intense and being new to the subject and late delivery of pre course reading through lateness in CAN form and payments, I found it mind boggling for the first 3 days. Bilkis explained everything to us, but Tony took Thursday mornings session and the puzzle came together… Read More »

Ben – Ex Army – Royal Engineers

“At first it seems a lot to take in over the course of 5 days but the course (PRINCE2 Combined) content was tailored to fit and even allowed time to for discussions to aid in better understanding the principles. Also the use of real life situations for examples made it… Read More »

Jateen Sanghvi (Ex Systems Eng Royal Signals)

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