Get your NRSWA ticket and learn how to work on UK roads. Direct traffic, excavate and reinstate roads or supervise teams that do. Project Skills Solutions have NRSWA training venues Nationwide with regular open course dates to choose from.

Which course for you...

Unit 2 (now O1) - For delegates who need to set up signing and lighting to direct traffic and pedestrians around their work. This can include people working besides roads on utilities, landscaping and more.
Unit 10 (now S1) - For those who supervise people setting up signing and lighting.
Full operative course - For delegates who need to excavate and reinstate roads and pathways.
Full supervisor course - For those who supervise people excavating and reinstating roads and pathways.

If you are looking for a way to prepare before your NRSWA streetworks course, why not try our NRSWA practice quiz:

Why Project Skills Solutions?

  • Over 30 locations Nationwide
  • Excellent pass rate
  • Largest range of dates available
  • Group courses for your organisation only are available
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