Low Risk Confined Space courses In-house or City & GuildsConfined spaces training is an essential safety practice. It is designed to equip delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely enter and work in confined spaces. Confined spaces are areas that are not intended for continuous human occupancy and are characterised by a number of factors. These include limited entry and exit points, inadequate ventilation, and the potential for hazardous conditions such as toxic gases, lack of oxygen, or fire hazards.

Workers who are required to enter and work in these types of spaces must receive appropriate training to understand the risks associated with confined spaces, the control measures necessary to prevent accidents and injuries, and the emergency procedures to follow in the event of an incident. Confined spaces training programs typically cover topics such as hazard identification, risk assessment, permit systems, emergency rescue procedures, and personal protective equipment. Effective training can help prevent workplace accidents and injuries and ensure the safety of workers who are required to enter and work in these areas.