Learn the fundamentals of the communication industry with four data communication courses offered by Project Skills Solutions, awarded by City & Guilds.

These City & Guilds courses are the recognised qualifications for professional installers of datacomms (now known as Network Infrastructure Installation) who are working with data communication cabling and structured cabling. This would often be in the set up in buildings and offices.

Data communication involves the transfer of information from one point to another, for example, between computers. On these courses you will focus on communication engineering: how to design, build and test data communication systems.

The main aim of a data communications engineer, using a variety of different network types, is to create a data system which seamlessly exchanges data between two points (not necessarily over a long distance).

Without data communication and the creation of data networks, so many processes that we take for granted when using a computer would not be possible. Faster and more efficient methods of transferring data quickly are increasingly more important for businesses.

Book your course with Project Skills Solutions to up-skill or propel your career into an ever advancing industry that always has a demand for skilled installers.

On completion of the Level 2 Communication Cabling with City & Guilds, along with the relevant H&S assessment, can apply for an ECS Network Infrastructure Installation Assistant card.