CCNSG stands for "Client Contractor National Safety Group." It is a training program designed to provide workers in the UK with the knowledge and skills required to work safely on construction sites, in factories, and other hazardous workplaces.

The program was established by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) and is widely recognized in the UK construction industry. The courses are designed to help workers understand their responsibilities under health and safety law, recognise and control common workplace hazards, and work safely in high-risk environments.

The CCNSG courses comes in two categories: the CCNSG Safety Passport and the CCNSG National Course. The Safety Passport provides an introduction to health and safety regulations, while the National Course provides more advanced training on specific topics, such as working at height, confined spaces, and hazardous substances.

The CCNSG course is mandatory for many workers in the engineering and construction industries and is often a requirement for working on major projects. Successful completion of the CCNSG course provides workers with a nationally recognized qualification, which demonstrates their competence in health and safety.