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NRSWA Mock Test - Streetworks Practice Quiz

We have put together a practice quiz to support our delegates in preparing for the NRSWA end-of-course assessment. The quiz below is to give you a general idea of the level and type of questions you may encounter during the real thing, but it is not presented as an example of a full NRSWA/ Streetworks test. The actual assessment will have more questions that will differ from those on this practice quiz.

Note. that the actual test will not show images that this test includes for those who may not have access to the red book at the time of taking this mock test. 

The NRSWA have a bank of many questions, and each assessment takes random questions from this bank. This ensures that each assessment is fair and individual.

This NRSWA Practice Quiz mainly refers the Signing Lighting and Guarding units of the Streetworks course. This is both for an Operative and for a Supervisor carrying out NRSWA related works.

NRSWA Assessment format

Typically the NRSWA assessments are;

  • 20 multiple-choice questions
  • Test is carried out on digital tablets
  • You have 45 minutes to complete each unit of the exam
  • Fully open book, meaning you can use both the red and pink book
  • To pass, you will need a score of 80% or above. That means you need at least a score of 16 or above.

NRSWA Practice Quiz (Streetworks)


Feel free to let us know how you got on with the practice quiz by sharing your results on social media and tagging us!

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Further information and support

We have plenty of resources to make sure that you can feel confident when going in to your NRSWA training course;

We have mock tests for some of our other courses

13 Responses to “NRSWA Practice Quiz”

  1. David payne

    You learn more setting up road works.than you do on a tablet.l am going on Monday for the 3rd time.I just cant get all the answers.I get to 14 and that’s it.fails.

  2. Gary eckersley

    Could not find answers to some questions complicated

  3. Michael Thomas

    The answering of practice questions has not changed from previous posts over the last 2 years as I also got correct answers but put “to” instead of “-” and was marked incorrect. It took me an hour and 3 attempts to get it all grammatically correct and match “the computer”. Strangely though, the question about “distance from last cone to end of works sign” had to be “to”, which shows lack of consistency and leads to confusion.

    • Amy Glover

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are working on a better way to present this mock test so it isn’t as difficult to match the computer’s answers, making it more user friendly.


  4. John Smith

    Have to agree with above. I got 7 out of 17 correct. upon reviewing the correct answers i got 14 out of 17, just that my wording wasn’t an exact match.

  5. Ian Watts

    The wording of answers needs severe revision. I found during the course of reviewing answers that I HAD inserted the CORRECT ANSWER, however your automated system did not recognise my answer as correct, even though the correct answer supplied was the same as what I had put just worded differently.

    • Amy Glover

      Hi Ian, thank you for your feedback on our NRSWA quiz.
      I have changed the wording of some of the questions to make it more obvious what information is required to answer the questions correctly. I have also added some more similar worded answers to the answer banks for the questions.
      Unfortunately, as the quiz is being marked by a computer, it will only mark answers as correct if they are an exact match.
      If you have anymore feedback, please feel free to get in contact with us again.

  6. Jeremy Davies

    Have to agree with Garry above. Also shuttle lane distance should be width. I hope the exam at the end of the course is not going to be like these.

    • Amy Glover

      Hi Jeremy,
      I am sorry to hear that you had a few difficulties when answering the practice quiz, we are working towards making the experience better for users. Our quiz is meant to give you a similar style of question to those you will encounter in your exam, however as I am sure you can appreciate, they can not be the same as any questions for the official assessments.

  7. Garry Bayliss

    Frustrating…! the use of “to” and “-” even putting “the” in the wrong place means the answers are wrong even when the answer is clearly right.
    e.g answer:Road narrows on the left-hand side ahead
    should be: Road narrows on left-hand side ahead.
    e.g 30 to 45
    should be 30-45.

    • Amy Glover

      Hi Garry,

      Thank you for your feedback on the NRSWA Practice Quiz. Unfortunately an exact answer match is required for the questions where you have to type an answer (for it to be marked correctly). However, we are currently working to change this for a better experience.


  8. Mohammed Ahmed

    Easy to use and questions are very helpful

    • Eden Smith

      Thank you for your feedback, Mohammed.


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