How to get your ECS Managers Card

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How to get an ECS Managers Card - Project Skills Solutions

Applying for your ECS managers card? We’ve broken down the steps below to make the process as simple as possible. Jump straight to the steps.

Overview of the ECS

The ECS (Electrotechnical Certification Scheme) is the only ID and competence card scheme for electrical operatives in the UK, recognised and endorsed across the industry. A lot of electrical roles will want you to hold a card relevant to your role before you start work.

ECS is a partner of CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme), there’s also a link between the ECS and the JIB (Joint Industry Board). The JIB administer the ECS scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, historically only people working for JIB could get an ECS card, because of that it was often referred to as the JIB card and still is today.

Since 2002 the scheme has been available to all people working in the industry.

Types of Card

There’s an ECS card for almost any level in the industry, from Apprentices to Managers. There are cards for all types of occupation, some of the more common cards though are:

What ECS Manager’s Card Do I Need?

So what card do you need? Typically you’ll know you need an ECS Managers Card because of your occupation, the following occupations are available:

ECS Managers Black Card sample

  • Electrical Site Manager
  • Electrical Contract Manager
  • Site Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Contract Manager

If you aren’t sure if you need the card, speak to your employer or the principal contractor.

ECS Managers Card Changes October 2018

Since October 2018 there have been new requirements to apply for the ECS Managers Card. The ‘grace period’ for meeting the new standards expired in July 2021. Therefore, you now have to meet the new criteria without exception, even if you have held a black ECS card previously.

See the new steps to your card below:

Steps to the Manager’s Card

You need to either:


  • Meet the requirements for one


  • Hold a Level 4 management qualification such as BTEC, Degree or JIB recognised qualification.

Plus, you’ll need to have successfully completed a health and safety qualification:

  • IOSH Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health Leadership and Management
  • CCNSG Safety Passport (Supervising/Leading a Team Safety Course)
  • NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Safety

Please make sure you check the qualification you have, or want to obtain, with ECS before you book your course.

If you’ve completed your health and safety qualification in the last 3 years you can apply for your card.

If your health and safety qualification is older than 3 years, you’ll need to take the ECS HS&E assessment before applying.

What’s your next step? Take our quiz to find out!

How do I apply for the Manager’s Card?

As with any ECS card application, you are encouraged to register an account on the MyECS portal. By having an account, the application process is much more straight forward. You will need a passport-style photograph, and some basic personal information. When you have successfully registered, you will be able to keep track of your application and any certification or qualifications that you have acquired. it is worth keeping your page updated by informing ECS of any merits earned that have not become logged on your landing page. For example, this could be the result of your latest edition wiring regulations assessment.

You can always apply through completing a paper form, but you will have to pay an additional administration fee. No extra charge is made for any online applications. To receive the card itself however, you will have to pay a fee. There are discounts available if you are registered on JIB’s Employer Portal or a Unite Union member, so it is always worth asking if discounts are available to you before you make an application!

Requirements for ECS Gold Card

The Gold Installation Electrician ECS Gold Card is for skilled individuals able to work unsupervised on the installation, commissioning and maintenance of low voltage electrical devices and appliances.

To qualify for the card you must:

  • Have a JIB recognised UK competency-based qualification (electrotechnical Level 3 NVQ or a formal UK electrotechnical apprenticeship)
  • And, a formal BS7671 qualification in the current edition of the wiring regulations currently in force

If you do not have a level 3 qualification, you can go through the JIB Mature Candidate Assessment. You’ll be assessed on your existing skills and experience by an independent assessor.

Find out more on the ECS website.

14 Responses to “How to get your ECS Managers Card”

  1. Ane

    Hi, my name is Ane & I am just enquiring to find out if doing the NVQ3 will enable me to obtain my ECS gold card.

    The qualifications I hold are my
    18th edition
    City and guilds 2365
    City and guilds 2391
    IOSH managing safely

    I would appreciate any reply or advice you may have.

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    • Amy Glover

      Hi Ane,

      The best thing for you to do is to contact ECS directly. The number you need is 01322 661600 or use their contact page to send an enquiry.

      Thank you,

  2. Muhammad Moeez Ikram

    The IOSH requirements as mentioned in Manager card compliance is not accepted by ECS team. Only CITB SMSTS OR SSSTS or Nebosh is accepted

    • Amy Glover

      Hi Muhammad,

      As you can see from the ECS website (link here) ECS state that you need a UK Health & Safety qualification at level 4 or above. This is not limited to the qualifications that you have mentioned in your comment. As suggested in the blog, if unsure you should check qualifications directly with ECS.


  3. Germen Zhjeci

    Hi, my name is Germen Zhjeci & I am just enquiring to find out if doing the SSSTS course will enable me to obtain my ECS electrical Manager card.

    The qualifications I hold are my 5357 Electrotechnical qualification which includes my NVQ & my AM2S qualification since I done a government funded trailblazer apprenticeship programme.

    I would appreciate any reply or advice you may have.

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    • Amy Glover

      Hi Germen,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Completing the SSSTS course will enable you to meet the health & safety requirements for the ECS managers card (along with completing the ECS HS&E assessment).
      You will also need to meet a technical requirements. There are 2 routes for this which you can see on their website. It is best to give them a call if you are not sure as they will be able to check the specific qualifications you have against their criteria.

  4. Michael


    Can you please confirm if the city and guilds 2396 design and verification qualification is an a permissible Level 4 management qualification.

    Thank you.

    • Amy Glover

      Hi Michael,
      Thank you for getting in touch with with us. As the City & Guilds 2396 is a qualification that suits those who are experienced electricians, I would assume that if you successfully completed this course then you may meet the criteria of an ECS Gold card, and therefore you would meet the technical requirements of an ECS Manager’s card. However, I would advise that you contact ECS directly to ask them about the City & Guilds qualification, they will be able to help you find the best route for you in obtaining the Manager’s Card based on your qualifications as a whole.
      Thank you,

  5. jason luther

    I just filled out the two questions about acquiring a black card, i must have mist something as it did not ask who i was, unless this is part of the process.

  6. Richard Gunner

    I have a JIB Approved ECS gold card. I also have the SSSTS. I’m being told that I need to apply for an NVQ Level 6 to continue being a site supervisor – is this correct or can I get my black card with the qualifications I already hold without having to do a further NVQ Level 6?

    • Amy Glover

      Hi Richard, thank you for getting in touch with us.
      If you already have an ECS gold card, you have already met the technical requirements for a ECS Manager’s card. The second requirement of the health & safety qualification you have also met – your SSSTS. You will also need to complete the ECS HS&E assessment (unless you are exempt from taking this). I don’t believe you need to have a further NVQ at Level 6 to apply for this card, however, it is always worth checking with ECS. The information on their black manager’s card is on their website here.
      I hope that helps!

  7. Martin Neary

    Hello .

    I have just completed SMSTS.

    I have SJIB gold card. How do I obtain site manager card.

    • Sam Barton

      Hi Martin,

      If you completed your SMSTS within the last 3 years, plus meet the requirements or hold an ECS gold card then you can apply for your ECS managers card. You’ll need to create an account if you don’t already have one, you can find out more on how to apply at

      I hope that helps, if you have any other questions please let us know.



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