Have you considered virtual training?

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Virtual training courses from PSS

Recently life has changed so quickly and for so many, catching up with colleagues in the tea room has been replaced by Friday morning socials on Zoom. Heading to the pub for a friends birthday has been replaced by Saturday night pub quizzes on Kahoot. Even in today’s world of fast-improving technology, it’s still impressive just how well people can adapt and find ways to replace normality with clever and often entertaining alternatives.

As people have embraced technology to keep in touch with loved ones, it’s offered the perfect time to try virtual training for the first time. Businesses are slowly getting back to work, some never stopped, and keeping people skilled and safe is more important than ever. 

Most major awarding bodies have recently allowed training providers like Project Skills Solutions to deliver virtual training. Ask your team to make the most of their furlough and upskill before returning to work. So what does a virtual training course look like?

Virtual Training Courses

Using technology that’s been around for years, but many people may have only recently used, our trainers recreate the classroom experience in your own home. 

We’re currently offering some of our most popular classroom courses virtually, including: 

What is Virtual Learning?

Our virtual courses follow the full syllabus, and you will gain the course qualification and official certificate from the awarding body just like the classroom-based course. 

How can virtual training benefit you and your team?

    1. Time and cost-efficient. With no travelling to a venue, you can attend the course from your own home or workplace. Saving you both time and money.
    2. Social distancing. While our classroom courses are only open if safe to do so, it is easier to socially distance when you avoid a room with other people and the necessary commute. 
    3. A real trainer will deliver your course in real-time, allowing you to interact in the same way as a classroom course. Plus lots of new games and activities made possible by technology. You’ll probably use them for your next zoom party! 

Same Great Training. New Improved Experience.

Our virtual courses recreate the interaction you get during a classroom course, with new and creative ways to make learning fun. All while allowing you to socially distance and saving you and your organisation money. 


Our delegates often tell us they didn’t realise just how much they’d get from the course. Conversations about challenges in their workplace often lead to actionable improvements to take back the next day. Throughout your course, you’ll have the same opportunities to ask questions within the group or in a breakout conversation privately with your tutor. 

Take a look at our support blog which is updated regularly with short videos and step by step guides you’ll find useful during your course.


Virtual Learning what it involves: You take a course using your computer, Tablet or notebook connected over the internet to a real trainer without the need to leave your home or workplace.

What equipment do I need:

  1. Computer / Laptop / Tablet with camera and microphone.
  2. Broadband Internet. Zoom recommend 1.5Mbps up/down. That’s about a 3G connection, meaning you could even attend the course on your phone. However, we recommend using a broadband connection to reduce any connectivity issues. Check your internet speed here and clicking ‘run speed test’
  3. Zoom. It’s free to signup and you can download here.

What speed should my internet and computer be? You can find a full list of requirements for Zoom on their website.

If you’re concerned that your system may not be able to run zoom smoothly, email us at [email protected] and we can set up a test call with you. 

How many people will be on the course? Our virtual courses are limited to 10 delegates, although the platform allows for more, we believe 10 is a good group size to allow for breakout exercises, plenty of interaction, and an opportunity to ask questions in the group or directly to your tutor privately.

The virtual classroom will it differ much from a classroom course: There should be very little difference as the trainer will follow the required syllabus and learning hours. There may be more breaks (bit size blocks) replacing the longer breaks required on classroom course.

You’ll also take part in activities designed for virtual courses, taking advantage of modern technologies to create fun games and quizzes to improve your learning experience. Here is some information on how the Virtual course works.

Common Questions

Do I still get the same qualification as a classroom-based training course? Yes, there are no changes to the course content, learning objectives or assessment criteria. Meaning you gain the same qualification (subject to you passing the assessment) as you would in a classroom. You can be confident that the virtual training will be delivered as effectively as that offered in a classroom.

How do you take the assessment on the virtual course? Your assessment will be sent to you just before it starts. It will be carried out under exam conditions with the trainer monitoring all candidates taking the course through their webcams. You’ll receive a declaration to sign (virtually), showing you agree with the assessment rules before starting your assessment. Any breach of the rules will result in the candidate being excluded in the same way as a classroom-based assessment.

Will I be issued a certificate or card the same as a classroom-based training course? Yes on successful completion of the course and passing the assessment then we will apply for your certificate or card as an (ATO) approved centre. The certificate or card will be sent to you in the normal timescales once issued by the awarding body.

Can my team attend virtual training while on furlough? Yes, under the government’s furlough scheme your team can still attend training. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/claim-for-wage-costs-through-the-coronavirus-job-retention-scheme#when-your-employees-are-on-furlough

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

    I would be interested in completing the online training how do I register

    • Sam Barton

      Hi Alan,

      You can book your course online or contact the team on 0800 0213 263 or email at [email protected]. We’ll help to find a course that suits.



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