E-Learning vs Face-To-Face

Earning a new skill, taking a course or undergoing training to further your career doesn’t mean sitting in a classroom anymore. eLearning vs Face-to-Face learning is an ongoing discussion among many people, educators and learners alike. In fact, eLearning (often referred to as online learning) is incredibly popular and has… Read More »

Safety First, Success Follows: Why Managers Find IOSH Courses Valuable

Why Managers Find IOSH Courses Valuable While it’s not accurate to say that all managers love IOSH courses, many managers appreciate the value and benefits that these courses bring to their professional development and workplace. The level of enthusiasm or interest in IOSH courses can vary based on individual preferences,… Read More »

Virtual learning or eLearning? How should I choose to learn?

Our most popular IOSH training courses are available through eLearning or Virtual Learning. Attend your health and safety course from the comfort of your own home or office. Alternatively, spread your learning over a few weeks, studying a little each week to complete your course at times that fit in… Read More »

Have you considered virtual training?

As people have continued to embrace technology, it’s the perfect time to try virtual training. Most major awarding bodies have continued to allow accredited training providers like Project Skills Solutions to deliver virtual training.  Our virtual courses follow the full syllabus, and you will gain the course qualification and official… Read More »

IOSH Working Safely via eLearning

Since the covid pandemic, eLearning has become much more mainstream, and eLearning courses are recognised as a way more people choose to learn. Gone are the days when being face-to-face in a classroom was the only way to gain qualifications. Although some people feel much more at ease within a… Read More »

Benefits of E-Learning, learn online, anywhere, anytime…

What is eLearning? eLearning is a form of education that uses electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones to deliver courses and lessons. Unlike a traditional classroom, you work through the material at a pace you are comfortable with. A benefit of eLearning is that you are your teacher…. Read More »

IOSH Managing Safely Practical Assessment

The IOSH Managing Safely course has two parts. A multiple-choice exam to prove your knowledge post-training and a risk assessment, also known as the practical assessment. This blog will talk you through the practical assessment so you feel confident when undertaking your IOSH Managing Safely. As a note, at the… Read More »

Virtual Training Courses – Live Training

You now have choices of how to attend your training courses. As well as classroom courses, you now have the option of virtual training courses, which you attend from your home or workplace. So what does this mean to you and what does it all involve? Virtual Training Courses Let’s… Read More »

About Project Skills Solutions

Project Skills Solutions have been providing NRSWA training to individuals and companies since 2004. Our team are trained to give you the very best advice in your course selection and focussed on customer service.
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