National Apprenticeship Week

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National Apprenticeship Week 2024 Project Skills Solutions

We are celebrating our apprentices at Project Skills Solutions during National Apprenticeship Week!

Apprenticeships at Project Skills Solutions

we get a great sense of achievement in supporting our apprentices through their journeys to gaining their qualifications, whilst at the same time being able to support their interests and strengths. To give an aspiring, keen person the opportunity to learn from our skilled, more senior members of staff is something we have always done as a company.

The strong relationship that is built during the apprenticeship and the time we have invested in their training, we hope leads to them choosing to stay with us.

With a new apprentice joining the business at the beginning of 2024, we continue to grow our workforce and introduce a mix of both traditional hires and apprentices to our teams. It’s all about providing opportunities, giving apprentices a great chance to learn and develop, and preparing them for their future careers, whether with us at Project Skills Solutions or elsewhere.

What are apprenticeships like?

Will started as an apprentice with us five years ago and will be finishing his second apprenticeship with us in Team Leading, a qualification to support him in his role as Training Team Leader.

This is what Will had to say:

‘Having done two apprenticeships now, Business Administration and Team Leader, I can vouch for them 100%. From an apprentice’s point of view, it’s a much simpler and more secure avenue for finding employment after school or college and has the added benefit of helping to achieve another qualification, making it incredibly worthwhile. 

From an employer’s point of view, apprentices are great to have on board as they can learn and adapt to new situations quickly, give ideas and opinions from a different perspective, and help to support other members of staff while they learn.

Apprenticeships can be done at any age and are accessible to everyone, and I think, ultimately, they are a brilliant way to train staff and supplement their personal growth and the business’s professional growth all in one.’

Celebrating Our Apprentices for National Apprentice Week

Will is not the only apprentice we have had over the past few years, and not the only one we are celebrating during National Apprenticeship Week:

  • Annabelle (second from left) completed her Business Administration Apprenticeship at the beginning of January and has now taken on additional responsibilities as she develops her role in the team.
  • Izzy (left) has been with PSS for over a year now and will be finishing her Customer Service Apprenticeship in March.
  • We also say a warm welcome to Isabel (right), who started with us in the new year and will start her Business Administration Apprenticeship this week after having settled into the team.

So, for National Apprenticeship Week 2024, we would like to say keep up the good work and thank you for being such valuable members of our team!

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  1. Dean

    Great to see a company working hard to build a strong apprenticeship focus, giving opportunities for young people to enter and thrive in the workplace whilst continuing their education in something that matches their career goals. Great work PSS and well done to all the apprentices.


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