Latest HSE Workplace Fatality Figures

Every year the Health and Safety Executive release their workplace safety statistics. In this blog, we are going to focus on one aspect of the annual figures – workplace fatalities. Given how many people work in the UK – at the start of 2019 it was just over 31 million… Read More »

How to get your ECS Managers Card

Applying for your ECS managers card? We’ve broken down the steps below to make the process as simple as possible. Jump straight to the steps. Overview of the ECS The ECS (Electrotechnical Certification Scheme) is the only ID and competence card scheme for electrical operatives in the UK, recognised and… Read More »

Negative Body Image – How To Overcome It

So, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week – and we couldn’t feel more proud! With this year’s theme being Body Image, we’ll be discussing the stigma’s behind body image and how to be body confident in 2019. What Is Body Image? Body Image – what is it? Well, body image are… Read More »

Everything You Need To Know About CITB Levy System

If you’re an employee or employer within the construction industry, then you may have heard of CITB’s Levy system. If so, you’re in the right place as in this week’s blog we’ll be discussing CITB’s levy system and everything you need to know about it. What Is CITB Levy? CITB… Read More »

CITB – Site Safety Plus – Your Construction Course Guide

CITB – Health & Safety Awareness: Site Safety Plus CITB Health & Safety Awareness: Site Safety Plus What Is It? The Site Safety Plus course teaches delegates the potential hazards they could face onsite, to those who are about to or have just begun work within the construction industry. Who… Read More »

What Will I Gain From A New Roads & Street Works Act (NRSWA) Course?

We offer a wide range of health and safety courses here at Project Skill Solutions. From general safety courses such as NEBOSH to more specific courses focusing on niche training such as “Working at Heights”, PSS provides a diverse range of courses suitable for all roles within the health and… Read More »

10 Hidden Facts About Health & Safety

We love facts and statistics at Project Skills Solutions. Health and safety is such an important topic and figures can vary wildly between industries, however there are many interesting facts which cover workplace safety in the UK as a whole. Which is why in this week’s blog we’ll be revealing… Read More »

SSSTS Training Courses Now Available In Dartford

Project Skills Solutions are constantly growing. We are pleased to announce we are now offering CITB SSSTS training courses in Dartford, Kent. SSSTS Training Courses In Dartford We have been accredited and delivering CITB courses across the UK since 2016. With our company constantly growing, we have now added a… Read More »

IOSH – A Course Breakdown For Everything You Need To Know

If you’re considering taking an IOSH course but unsure which course to take, then you’re in the right place. In today’s blog we will be discussing IOSH and all the courses available. We will be providing a breakdown of each course so you should feel confident as to what course… Read More »

IOSH – Everything You Must Know

If you’re thinking of studying an IOSH course or would simply like some more information on IOSH, then you’re at the right place as in today’s blog we’ll be discussing everything related to IOSH. IOSH Facts  Before we discuss everything related to IOSH here are some key facts; IOSH stands for the… Read More »

How Effective Is Mental Health First Aid Training?

Awareness around poor mental health within workplaces has progressed massively in recent years. The Mental Health First Aid training programme was developed to help employers spot the signs of poor mental health. But the question is….does it actually work? Even though mental health and the impact it can have for… Read More »

Can Game Based Learning Improve Health & Safety Standards?

A few weeks ago we looked at how artificial intelligence is proving to be an innovative way of improving health and safety standards and this week we want to explore the world of game based learning. Health and safety can often be seen as a tedious subject, however it’s part… Read More »

Does Nanotechnology Have Health & Safety Implications?

Nanotechnology isn’t a futuristic concept that we won’t see in our lifetimes. In fact, nanomaterial is being used in everyday products as we speak. In this weeks’ blog, we’ll be looking at what this means from a health & safety perspective and how it can affect your workplace. Technological Evolution…… Read More »

What You Need to Know About Working In a Confined Space

Confined spaces…it can be terrifying for many people, however going into a very a small space is often a necessary part of many peoples jobs. Often people feel uncomfortable in small spaces and can suffer from claustrophobia. When thinking about a confined space, it’s probably common to instantly think of… Read More »

3 Tips for Health & Safety Managers When Evacuating a Building

A full-scale building evacuation is something that we never hope to be involved in. We look at 3 things health and safety managers need to do to prepare for this type of emergency situation and find out why fire safety training is so important.    OK, so we really hope… Read More »

How Will Artificial Intelligence Fit into Health & Safety?

Artificial intelligence sounds like a concept from a science fiction film but what impact will it have on health and safety? We explore this question and discover how AI is already making workplaces safer across the world.   Artificial intelligence – sounds like you’ve settled down to watch a sci-fi… Read More »

Why Soft Skills Matter for Health and Safety Management

Not everyone is cut out to be a leader even if they study the skills and experience needed. That being said, there are certain skills and attributes that ‘good’ leaders have and this can be critical to a successful health and safety policy in the workplace. This week in the… Read More »

We Answer Some Questions for Employers Who Have Forklift Workers

Forklifts are a common part of many workplaces, however, managing forklift workers and ensuring that health and safety is maintained can be confusing for many managers. According to recent statistics, forklifts are the most dangerous form of transport to use in the workplace. 25% of workplace injuries that are caused by… Read More »

How can managers ensure safety during Ramadan?

Britain’s workplaces have become far more inclusive in recent years however there is still much work to be done. A report by the centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies at the University of Leeds found that negative perceptions of workers of Muslim faith still exist and this can be exasperated… Read More »

What is ISO 45001?

Health and safety matters from the very top of an organisation right down to the bottom. This is true of any business and particularly the construction industry. In a previous blog post – What are the main health and safety risks in the construction industry? – we found that there… Read More »

Are Fatal Injuries at Work on the Rise in the UK?

Injuries and accidents happen at work all the time. When we blogged about Britain’s Health & Safety Statistics for 2016-17 at the end of last year, we found that 70,116 injuries were sustained by workers and reported by their employer. The real number is perhaps higher, however, how many of… Read More »

New Survey Reveals the Extent of Workplace Stress

A few months ago we looked at stress at work – How Bad is Workplace Stress in the UK? – and we found that 59% of respondents said that work is the main cause of stress in their lives. Long working hours and the work (or lack of work) by… Read More »

Should You Outsource or Recruit a Health & Safety Specialist?

Health and safety regulations can change rapidly and complying with the law while keeping everyone safe can be incredibly difficult for any business no matter how big or small. After the cap on fines for health and safety breaches was lifted in March 2015, avoidable incidents that a company is… Read More »

Drugs Use and Health and Safety at Work

It goes without saying that being under the influence of drugs at work– whether illicit or certain prescription drugs – can seriously impact not only the ability of an employee to do their job but health and safety in general. A report found that out of 1.6 million workers who… Read More »

How Bad Is Workplace Stress In The UK?

The stigma around mental health and the workplace is starting to erode however major problems still exist for many British workers. Suffering from stress, anxiety and/or depression can pose big problems not just for the individual themselves but for the wider workforce. Poor concentration levels, lack of interest in work… Read More »

Is Excessive Noise At Work As Bad As It Sounds?

There are over 17,000 people in the UK who suffer from hearing loss, ringing in their ears and other conditions due to being exposed to excessive noise in the workplace. However, how bad is this for workers in Britain? In this weeks’ blog post we are going to look at… Read More »

3 Methods To Improve Your Safety Culture At Work

Undertaking health and safety training is all well and good however the hardest part comes afterwards. You need to ensure that what is learnt during the training is adhered to. Training and awareness itself doesn’t necessarily develop into a safer working environment. While it can lay the foundations of a… Read More »

5 Health and Safety Blogs That You Need To Read

Apart from our blog (obviously!) do you read any other health and safety blogs on a regular basis? Or perhaps you just visit one every now and again? When you are busy with work and in your personal life it can be hard sometimes to keep up with the goings-on… Read More »

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