What Will I Gain From A New Roads & Street Works Act (NRSWA) Course?

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What will I gain from a NRSWA course?

You may be considering completing a NRSWA course, or perhaps you’re seeking training for your team. If so, then you’re in the right place reading this blog, we’re going to be discussing all the NRSWA courses available (which we offer here at Project Skills Solutions). With the various courses we have available, you should have a clearer understanding of what NRSWA course you should take by the end of this blog!

What Is A NRSWA Course?

The training we offer at Project Skills Solutions is designed to equip you and your team with the skills and knowledge to adhere to the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

The NRSWA courses are essential for anyone who is working with street works on the UK highway, or for anyone who wants to learn new skills. On successful completion of your course, you will have a nationally recognised qualification that demonstrates your knowledge and skills. This qualification is often a requirement for those working in the utilities industry, local authorities or construction. We have however, had people attend our courses from landscaping companies, tree surgeons and fencing companies. In summary, a NRSWA or Street works course will provide you with the skills required to work safely and efficiently on public roads and streets, helping to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries to yourself, your colleagues and the public.

Those who might need a NRSWA qualification for their job role:

  • Construction industry
  • Road and highways maintenance companies
  • Local authorities
  • Utility companies, such as gas, water, and electricity
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Civil engineering firms
  • Traffic management companies
  • Groundworks contractors
  • Landscaping and fencing companies
  • Drainage and sewerage companies

What NRSWA Courses Do Project Skills Solutions Offer?

We offer 6 NRSWA courses here at Project Skills Solutions. Find out what course is the best one for you or your team to complete, as we discuss the key details of each course…

1. NRSWA Unit O1 (was Unit 2) Signing, Lighting & Guarding

This 1 day course is suitable for those who need essential skills to work as a street works operator, or those that need to work in the highway and need to cordon off an area of the highway to safely work. The course teaches you how to produce a plan for the position of signs and traffic signals, how to set up and test temporary traffic signals as well as the appropriate safety wear.

The course is mainly practical based but there is some theory and written work involved too. You will complete an assessment that involves 20 multiple-choice questions, and will need to achieve 80% to pass.

2. NRSWA Unit S1 (was Unit 10) Signing, Lighting & Guarding

If you are supervising the setting up of lights, guarding and signage, you may find this course is suitable for you. Why? Well, the course teaches you how to set up a detailed plan for street works, the code of practice, how to make decisions on set up (such as issues arising once on site) as well as how to record observations.

You will complete a 1 day course, which includes a written section used for your overall assessment. You will complete an assessment that involves 20 multiple-choice questions, and will need to achieve 80% to pass.

3. NRSWA Streetworks Operative

If you are going to be carrying out manual excavations and reinstatement of footpaths and highways, you will require a NRSWA Street Works Operative qualification. The course covers a fair amount of information from locating underground apparatus, excavation, signage as well as reinstatement of materials such as concrete and cold-lay and hot-lay bituminous materials. You can hold a qualification for both a operator and supervisor, but you can’t be an operator and supervisor on site – you can’t supervise yourself!

4. NRSWA Streetworks Supervisor

Street works require a supervisor who has the NRSWA Street Works Supervisor qualification, and while they don’t have to be onsite at all times, they are necessary. This course covers the monitoring of everything which is covered in the Street Works Operative course and it is a valuable qualification to have if you want to progress in your current role and expand your skill set. As we have said above, you can hold a qualification for both a operator and supervisor, but you can’t be an operator and supervisor on site – you can’t supervise yourself!

5. NRSWA Streetworks Reassessment

This course is designed for delegates who’s street works card has expired or is soon to expire. The course can be completed anytime, as now your new card expiry will reflect any time you had left on it. For example, if you complete your reassessment with 6 months left before it expires, that will be added to your new card, giving you 5 years and 6 months until the next expiry. As soon as your card expires, you are no longer qualified to work.

We advise that if you are going to continue working in an industry that is likely to need this qualification, you complete the reassessment before your card expires. You do however, have up to 5 years after your expiry to be eligible to complete a reassessment, rather than the full course again. During the NRSWA Street Works Reassessment course, you will complete an assessment for each of the units you want to renew on your card. Each assessment is a multiple choice test with 20 questions. You will have 45 minutes to complete each test and will need to achieve 80% to pass.

6. Cat & Genny Training or NRSWA Unit LA

For anyone who is excavating roads and pavements the NRSWA Unit LA or our in-house Cat & Genny Training course is essential. You’ll learn how to avoid underground pipes and cables using Cat & Genny equipment to locate and work around underground services. We offer the course as either a 1-day or half-day course, and it includes both theoretical and practical work.

An infographic is presented stating "What will I gain from a New Roads & Street Works Act (NRSWA) course?". The infographic provides 5 benefits you will gain from taking an NRSWA course.

Study A NRSWA Course With Project Skills Solutions

Gaining a NRSWA qualification can not only give you the skills to carry out your current role effectively, but it can help to boost your career and job prospects too.

Project Skills Solutions’ trainers, who are very experienced delivering NRSWA qualifications, are knowledgeable on all aspects of Street works. All the NRSWA courses that we offer are accredited and provide an educational, interactive and enjoyable learning experience for every course delivered. Project Skills Solutions has over 30 locations nationwide, so you’ll be able to find a venue conveniently located to you with competitive rates!

If you are still unsure of what course is right for you or would like to discuss your options, then get in contact with us today and we’re more than happy to discuss the NRSWA courses and course options with you.

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    • Amy Glover

      Hi Akinfenwa,

      Our team should have been in touch with dates and prices for NRSWA training in Sheffield – I hope they were able to find something suitable for you!



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