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CITB temporary works - which course is for me Project Skills Solutions Blog

So you’re thinking about attending a Temporary Works Coordinator course? Or you’ve been told to go on one, but you didn’t realise there were 3 to choose from? This blog takes a look at temporary works courses and specifically the differences between a Temporary Works Coordinator, Temporary Works Supervisor and Temporary Works Awareness.

First of all, taking on a work-related course can seriously improve your employability as well as the prospects within your current employer.

The danger involved during temporary works on construction sites lead to the introduction of the temporary works courses, with each aimed at a different role during the process of temporary works.

Why choose a temporary works course?

Temporary works are parts of a construction site that are in place to allow the building of the permanent works. So, think of things such as scaffolding, shoring, falsework and formwork – the list goes on.

There are three courses for temporary works:

  • Temporary Works Coordinator
  • Temporary Works Supervisor
  • Temporary Works Awareness

The three courses are designed for different roles during the whole temporary works process, approved and certificated by the CITB, they’re the result of consultation with leaders in the construction industry.

Temporary works coordinator


The Temporary Works Coordinator course is delivered over two days. It is valuable training for anyone who wants to gain the skills necessary for managing temporary works.

Probably the most popular temporary works course. The coordinator course is ideal for those in or about to step into the role of ‘temporary works coordinator’. Or, for those who are r

esponsible for coordinating temporary works within their role.

Your certificate for this course will be valid for five years, after which you’ll need to retake the course. To work as a Temporary Works Coordinator you’ll need to have detailed knowledge and understanding of BS5975.

This training will teach you:

  • Understanding of the Best Practice for Temporary Structures on Building Sites
  • What a temporary works coordinators’ role is
  • How to carry out risk assessments
  • Managing temporary works on a site
  • Why communication, coordinator, cooperation and competency are important

Be aware, it is an assessed course, and you’ll need to pass a multiple-choice test taken at the end of the course. There is also continuous assessment throughout the training.

Temporary works supervisor

This is a one day course which is aimed at those who want to assist in the responsibility for supervising temporary works.

It’s a common misconception the supervisor course is somehow a higher-level course than the coordinator, that’s not the case. The course is for anyone responsible for supervising temporary works, that could be managing the erection or dismantling, or ensuring they are monitored and maintained.

Someone supervising the temporary works could be a site supervisor or manager, they could be a scaffolder or from a plant company. It’s essential supervisors understand their role and responsibility.

Like the temporary works coordinator course, you’ll need to pass a multiple-choice assessment at the end of your course. Your certification is also valid for five years, after which you’ll need to retake the course.

By taking on this course, you’ll learn about:

  • The duties and why a temporary works supervisor is needed
  • The importance of communication, coordinator, cooperation and competency
  • BS5975 and why this is vital for this role
  • The need for risk management

After passing this course, you will be able to assist in the management of temporary works on both large and small sites.

Temporary works awareness

If you aren’t intending on taking on a role as a Temporary Works Coordinator or a Temporary Works Supervisor, then CITB offer a Temporary Works General Awareness online course for free.

This course is designed for those who do not know temporary works or those who have minimal experience of them. If you’re in a role that could benefit from a level of knowledge and understanding of temporary works, however, don’t get involved with planning, this course if for you. Almost anyone within the construction industry who isn’t directly involved in temporary works but encounters them, would benefit from this course. It used to be a classroom-based course but CITB developed it into an online learning course in 2023.

Those new to construction sites or construction in general, such as graduates, are ideal for this course. So too are contract managers, site foreman, directors, planners or health and safety professionals, if you visit the site occasionally such as a salesperson from a plant supplier: the list goes on.

It should take you approximately 3 hours to complete the online course and it offers a basic introduction to temporary works. You’ll learn about:

  • What temporary works are
  • How they are used in real settings
  • Why safety is important
  • Common safety issues and risks

Even though this is an awareness course, there is a multiple-choice assessment at the end and you will gain an electronic certificate.

So which one should you take?

If you are just looking for an introduction to temporary works and perhaps your role is a project lead, director, manager or another role that isn’t involved in the physicality of temporary works, then the awareness course is for you.

If you’re in or about to be in the role of coordinator, then that’s the course. Finally, if you supervise temporary works erection, maintenance or dismantling then the supervisor course is for you.

If you have any questions about any of these courses, which one is right for you or how to book, then contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Study Online

You can now complete the CITB Temporary Works courses online from the comfort of your own home. Join your course using Zoom online. You’ll join other delegates (max class size 10) and your live trainer for the duration of the course. You’ll also complete your end of course assessment online.

For more information read our online temporary works courses blog.

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