New People for 2014

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New People for 2014…

Project Skills Solutions would like to welcome Marvin as the new duck on the block at Project Skills Solutions Ltd for 2014. He has joined the team on the training side to give advice, answer any questions which you may have and just generally be there to answer any concerns which you have. He will encourage you to be all that you can be and not to lose sight of your goals, to remind you to not ‘duck out of training’ and then to generally not put things off. Marvin’s other jobs have all been at sea but he can’t wait to have this webbed feet firmly on solid ground with us.

We hope that everyone had a great holiday season and enjoyed it with plenty of turkey with loved ones. Marvin spent this is the Canadian Rockies with family and wanted to use one of his pictures from that trip as his picture to share with you..

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