Is your NRSWA card about to expire?

If you work on the highways and hold an NRSWA card, you’ll notice it has an expiry date.  Your street works units will be valid for five years, it’s possible to have more than one unit on your card, and they may expire at different times.  Excavation and reinstatement  If… Read More »

What Will I Gain From A New Roads & Street Works Act (NRSWA) Course?

You may be considering completing a NRSWA course, or perhaps you’re seeking training for your team. If so, then you’re in the right place reading this blog, we’re going to be discussing all the NRSWA courses available (which we offer here at Project Skills Solutions). With the various courses we… Read More »

What is the NRSWA (Streetworks) Course

What is NRSWA? The NRSWA is the (New Roads and Street Works Act 1991) exists to ensure safety and correct practice when carrying out any work on roads, highways and footpaths. It is there to minimise risk to both workers and the public. It is an act of legislation (a law… Read More »

NRSWA Practice Quiz

We have put together a practice quiz to support our delegates in preparing for the NRSWA end-of-course assessment. The quiz below is to give you a general idea of the level and type of questions you may encounter during the real thing, but it is not presented as an example… Read More »

NRSWA reassessment: when and who?

The NRSWA (New Roads and Street Works Act) is a UK legislation that regulates how utility companies and local authorities carry out works on the public highways. It came into force in April 2010. The NRSWA requires operatives who work on the highways to be certified and competent in their… Read More »

Keywords and resources to prepare for your NRSWA course

This blog highlights the keywords and pages to prepare you for your NRSWA (Street works) course. It also will talk about the different ways people commonly refer to the units. Keywords and phrases on the NRSWA (Street Works) Course Siting distance – This is the positioning distance of the road… Read More »

NRSWA Training, do you need it?

  The New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) is an important piece of UK legislation. It governs how works are carried out on public highways. It aims to ensure that works on the highways are carried out safely and efficiently, whilst minimising disruption to the public. To achieve this,… Read More »


All of our course pages include an FAQ tab, this tab is regularly updated with answers to common questions regarding the NRSWA courses. In this Blog, we will be addressing the top 5 NRSWA FAQs. 1. Where is my card? Once you have completed your course, you will receive a… Read More »

What NRSWA Course Do I Need?

If you work in the construction industry, you may have been told you need to take a NRSWA course. But you may be wondering what a NRSWA course is…which is probably the reason why you have come to our blog! However you can rest assure, in this blog we will… Read More »

I do drop kerbing, which NRSWA units do I need?

  I work on the road doing drop kerbing; which NRSWA units do I need? If you are doing drop kerbing, you will need to complete the full course. This is because you will need to cat scan the area before you start digging, then sign out the area so… Read More »

Nationwide NRSWA Training…

    Project Skills Solutions provide companies and individuals with the widest options for NRSWA training available and at the most competitive prices. If you are looking to take a NRSWA Streetworks training course for the first time then our sales team will be able to guide you to the… Read More »

What is London doing to reduce traffic?

According to the ‘Department for ‘Transport Road Traffic Statistics‘ road traffic fell in 2012 slightly to 302.6 billion vehicle miles. This is a very high number so it poses the question, is enough being done to reduce the amount people use cars? Perhaps more important to the average driver, is enough being… Read More »

Your NRSWA Course Guide – Everything You Need To Know…

What Is NRSWA Streetworks?   The New Roads & Streetworks training PSS offers, is in line with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. The act enforces duty on any person or organisation who will be undertaking work which involves the installation, renewal, maintenance or inspection of underground apparatus… Read More »

Do you work on the roads as part of your job?

NRSWA Training to get your NRSWA ticket as required for the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) We offer NRSWA training courses at the lowest prices at centres UK wide to get your Street works ticket fast. When NRSWA Streetworks training courses for individuals run weekly. Where Nationwide at… Read More »

NRSWA Streetworks Training

NRSWA Streetworks Training Courses UK Wide Centres The new roads and street works act also known as NRSWA requires that anyone who executes, works for, or on behalf of a utility company is qualified for the activities being carried out. Any street works site must have at least one qualified supervisor… Read More »

Changes Are Coming for NRSWA Training

As you may or may not know 2010 has bought changes to the New Roads and Street Works Training, and there are more changes coming at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011. NRSWA Changes We have outlined some of the changes below: Anyone completing unit 2 or 10… Read More »

About Project Skills Solutions

Project Skills Solutions have been providing NRSWA training to individuals and companies since 2004. Our team are trained to give you the very best advice in your course selection and focussed on customer service.
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