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NRSWA FAQ - Project Skills Solutions

All of our course pages include an FAQ tab, this tab is regularly updated with answers to common questions regarding the NRSWA courses.

In this Blog, we will be addressing the top 5 NRSWA FAQs.

1. Where is my card?

Once you have completed your course, you will receive a card with the units you have successfully completed on the back. Your card and certificate should arrive with you between 12 and 16 weeks after you have completed your course. Whilst you are waiting to receive it, we can issue you with a letter to show employers the units you have qualified in. This is why we would advise that you complete reassessments at least 3 months before you card expires. Then you should receive your new card before the expiry date.

2. Do you offer onsite Street Works courses?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of NRSWA Street Works courses, we can not offer onsite for groups of delegates. Streetworks full courses include setting up signing, lighting and guarding as well as excavation and reinstatement of the road. You could be training on a live Street Works site, and if you are doing hot-lay with your course, these materials and the equipment is all organised and agreed with the relevant people in advance. To give you the best experience, we use NRSWA training centres rather than offering onsite training due to the facilities they offer.

3. Can I do a NRSWA course remotely?

Remote learning courses have gained popularity over recent years, so we do get asked this NRSWA FAQ regularly. Unfortunately, this can not be an option due to the course being very practical. On your course you will be expected to set up, excavate and reinstate as appropriate to the course unit you have signed up for.

4. What is the difference between a 1-day and 2-day reassessment course?

When booking your reassessment, it will state whether the course is over 1 or 2 days. Some training schools will run some theory refresher training before you retake your exam and some do not. If you book a 1-day course, it is likely you will take assessments only. If you are unsure what option is best for you, then call our training team on 0800 0213 263 and they will be happy to advise you. Not answered your NRSWA FAQ on this subject? You can read more about the assessment process in our blog ‘NRSWA Reassessment, when and who?’.

5.Can I be a Supervisor and an Operative?

You can hold qualifications for an Operative and a Supervisor. But when you are on site, you can not be both – you are either an Operative or a Supervisor. For example, if you are working on a Street Works site and are Supervising the work being done, you can not also get involved in the work (or supervise your own work!). If you hold or need to hold both the Operative and the Supervisor qualifications, then you to renew these you will need complete two renewals (one for the Operative and one for the Supervisor) and the same to gain the qualification (one 5-day course for the Operative, and one 5-day course for the Supervisor). You can not do both at the same time.

6. What course do I need?

We have recently updated our quiz that will advise you on what Street Works course you may need to take – give it a go here! Alternatively, speak to a member of our team who can talk through your needs.

Here at Project Skills Solutions we always try to do our best to help our customers and answer their questions the best we can. If you cannot find the answer to your question in our FAQs don’t hesitate to call our training team on 0800 0213 263, we will answer any questions you have and you can book your course over the phone, simple!

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