NRSWA reassessment: when and who?

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The NRSWA (New Roads and Street Works Act) is a UK legislation that regulates how utility companies and local authorities carry out works on the public highways. It came into force in April 2010. The NRSWA requires operatives who work on the highways to be certified and competent in their roles, and to undergo reassessment every five years if they want to continue to work on Streetworks.

Reassessment is an important process for operatives and supervisors working under the NRSWA scheme, as it ensures that you are up-to-date with the latest health and safety regulations and that you remain competent in your role. The NRSWA reassessment process involves a series of steps which are outlined below.

Step 1: Identify your NRSWA qualification

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The first step in the reassessment process is to identify your existing NRSWA qualification. There are several different qualifications available under the NRSWA scheme, including Operative, Supervisor, and Signing, Lighting and Guarding. It’s important to know which qualifications you hold, as this will determine the type of reassessment you need to complete. You can check with our handy quiz, which will advise you on which Streetworks course you need, including reassessments.

Step 2: Choose a training provider

Once you know your qualification, the next step is to choose a training provider that offers NRSWA reassessment training. There are many training providers across the UK that offer NRSWA training and reassessment, so it’s important to choose one that is reputable and experienced in delivering this type of training. Here at Project Skills Solutions, we have over 30 locations around the UK where you can take your reassessment course. You can search on on the course pages and it will find the nearest to your town or postcode, or you can give our friendly team a call and we can find the best location for you and book you a place over the phone.

Step 3: Attend the reassessment training course

The next step in the NRSWA reassessment process is to attend the training course. The training course will cover the latest health and safety regulations and best practices for working on the highways, and some courses provide an opportunity to refresh your theory knowledge and skills in your specific role. These are usually the courses that are 2 days long. If you think you would benefit from refreshing your theory knowledge before your take your reassessments, then you can check with our team if this is included before you book.

Step 4: Complete the NRSWA reassessment test

You will need to take a reassessment test to demonstrate your knowledge and competence in your role for every unit you want to renew. For example, if you are renewing units LA, O1, O2, O3 and O6, you will take 5 reassessment tests in total. Each tests involves 20 multiple choice questions and you will have 45 minutes for each test. If you get 80% on a test, you pass and that unit will be given a new expiry date on your new card. The test will assess your understanding of the latest health and safety regulations and best practices for working on the highways, as well as your ability to carry out your role safely and effectively.

Step 5: Receive your NRSWA reassessment certification

Once you have completed the reassessment test, you will receive your NRSWA reassessment certification if you have passed. This certification will be valid for a further five years, after which you will need to undergo reassessment again. Your certificate and card can take up to 16 weeks to get to you, so if you want to renew your card, we advise you do this at least 3 months before the current expiry date on your card.

You can watch the video below which will run you through the steps discussed above about the NRSWA reassessment process.

Prepare for your NRSWA Streetworks course

Want to prepare for your NRSWA Streetworks course, try out our practice quiz here.

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  1. Alan

    Hi there

    I am wondering if you could tell me more about the qualification for hot asphalt laying.
    I have been asked tonget this for my company i currently have 8 people working for me.
    We habe completed a jersey based training for operatives to set up traffic etc as the uk qualification isnt known to jersey any more.
    But the hot lay of asphalt is.

    If you could tell me about the course.
    How long does it go for, and price etc

    It would be 2 supervisors and at 3-6 operatives for our team

    Thank you


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