Keywords and resources to prepare for your NRSWA course

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This blog highlights the keywords and pages to prepare you for your NRSWA (Street works) course.

It also will talk about the different ways people commonly refer to the units.

Keywords and phrases on the NRSWA (Street Works) Course

  • Siting distance – This is the positioning distance of the road works ahead sign to the start of your site.
  • Safety zone – This is the coned area around your working space or temporary walkway, and it’s designed to keep the traffic separate from the workers/pedestrians.
  • Working Space – This is the barriered off area where plant manoeuvres around and tools and materials are stored.
  • Minimum Visibility Distance – This is the distance highway users (drivers) should see the first sign on your site. This can also be referred to as ‘The approach visibility’.
  • TSRGD (TSR (NI) – The TSRGD (TSR (NI) is the legislation document that governs the size, shape and style of all signs and cones.
  • Traffic Flow – The number of and types of vehicles on the road. This is the main factor in deciding what traffic control is needed.
  • Obstructed – The carriageway or footway is blocked with equipment or materials.
  • Unobstructed – The carriageway is clear.
  • Equestrian – Horses and riders.
  • Portable Traffic Signal – Temporary Traffic Lights.
  • Wig-Wag Signal – Light signals at a railway level crossing to control traffic (double red and amber lights at level crossings).
  • Two-way working – Both carriageways remain open to traffic.
  • Shuttle working – The lane left open to traffic from both directions.

Key pages in the support books

To take advantage of the information below, you will have to download the Red and Pink book.

Click here to download the Red Book

Click here to download the Pink Book

Traffic Control Options

This section covers the main traffic control options and page number in the Red Book.

Give and take traffic control56-57
Priority signs traffic control58-59
Stop & Go traffic control60-62
Portable traffic signals traffic control62-66
Temporary speed reductions67
Convoy working68
Road closure70
Stop work sign72
Mobile & short duration work83-92

Equipment Section

This section covers the information on work equipment and page number in the Pink Book.

Warning Lights94-97
Pedestrian Barriers97
Footway Ramps98
Footway Boards99


The new NRSWA course codes

NRSWA UnitOld Code (Pre 2017)New Code (Post 2017)
Location and avoidance of underground apparatusUnit 01Unit LA
Signing, lighting and guardingUnit 02Unit O1
Excavation in the highwayUnit 03Unit O2
Reinstatement and compaction of backfill materialsUnit 04Unit O3
Reinstatement of sub-base and road base in non-bituminous materialsUnit 05Unit O4
Reinstatement in cold-lay bituminous materialsUnit 06Unit O5
Reinstatement in hot-lay bituminous materialsUnit 07Unit O6
Reinstatement of concrete slabsUnit 08Unit O7
Reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footwaysUnit 09Unit O8
Monitoring signing, lighting and guardingUnit 10Unit S1
Monitoring excavation in the highwayUnit 11Unit S2
Monitoring reinstatement and compaction of backfill materialsUnit 12Unit S3
Monitoring reinstatement of sub-base and road base in non-bituminous materialsUnit 13Unit S4
Monitoring reinstatement in bituminous materialsUnit 14Unit S5
Monitoring reinstatement of concrete slabsUnit 15Unit S6
Monitoring reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footwayUnit 16Unit S7

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