What NRSWA Course Do I Need?

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If you work in the construction industry, you may have been told you need to take a NRSWA course. But you may be wondering what a NRSWA course is…which is probably the reason why you have come to our blog! However you can rest assure, in this week’s blog we are going to be discussing what a NRSWA course is and more importantly what NRSWA course you should take.

NRSWA Courses

NRSWA stands for New Roads and Street Works Act. NRSWA are accredited courses by CITB. After the 1964 Industrial Training Act was formed, it gave CITB its mandate to collect a levy from construction employers and to use this to support training and skills in construction. Over the years CITB has helped teach valuable skills, shape communities, grow businesses and inspire an entire generation.

With that being said, CITB offers a variety of NRSWA courses, each which teaches knowledge and skills required for various roles. The NRSWA courses CITB offer are NRSWA Operative, NRSWA Supervisor and NRSWA Re-Assessment. If you’re unsure what NRSWA course you should take, the questionnaire below should help your clarify this.

“What NRSWA Course Do I Need?”

This is a common question those who operate in street works encounter with. Although you may be aware you need to take a NRSWA course, you’re probably asking yourself “what NRSWA course do I need?”. Which is why we have created a questionnaire to help you find out what NRSWA course you need to take.

An image of an infographic explaining what NRSWA course one should take. The infographic also comprises of a questionnaire to help one find out what NRSWA course they should take.

NRSWA Operative

You will need the NRSWA Operative course if carry out the manual excavation and reinstatement of footpaths and highways. Our full NRSWA Operative courses start at just £560+vat, we have training venues across the UK. To book or find out more just call 0800 0213 263 or visit our Operative page.

If your job role requires you to supervise others carrying out manual streetworks you will need a supervisor course, you can take both courses, however, you can’t actively perform the role of supervisor and operative at the same time whilst working.

NRSWA Supervisor

You will need the NRSWA Supervisor course if you supervise others whilst they work on site. Any street work site must have a qualified supervisor appointed. The supervisor does not need to be on site at all times, but must be able to carry out the role.

To book or find out more just call 0800 0213 263 or visit our Supervisor page.

NRSWA Re-Assessment

If your streetworks card is about to, or has already, expired, you will need to take a NRSWA Reassessment course. Following new regulations that came into force in 2010 you are required NRSWA Training City & Guilds from Project Skills Solutionsto take a reassessment course to continue working on the roads. If you do not take the reassessment course you will be required to sit the full course again.

To book or find out more just call 0800 0213 263 or visit our Reassessment page.

6 Responses to “What NRSWA Course Do I Need?”

  1. Frank

    i dont do any digging i just set out the cones and signs. what course do i need?

  2. Kat Ely

    Hi Frank, if you are just setting out the signs and are doing no digging or reinstatement you might just need unit 2, signing, lighting and guarding. If you have any questions you can give the training team call on 0845 130 7411.

  3. Andy

    I have a 3 man gang am I right in thinking only 1 of us has to have nrasw ticket ?

    • Sam Barton

      Hi Andy,
      That can be the case but it will depend on your local council, I’d recommend you give the council a call and check with them.

  4. Martin

    I have a supervisor ticket so can I act as an operative if there is another supervisor on site ?

    • Sam Barton

      Hi Martin,

      The short answer is no, we’ve always advised that you cannot be an operative without an operative card, the supervisor card doesn’t outweigh the operative one, they’re just designed for different roles on site.

      Your best bet is to ask your local council, where you’re working, and see if they’ll allow it. It’s unlikely but all councils are different, so there’s a chance they might let you.

      I hope that helps.



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