Your NRSWA Course Guide – Everything You Need To Know…

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NRSWA Course Guide - Everything you need to know

What Is NRSWA Streetworks?


The New Roads & Streetworks training PSS offers, is in line with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. The act enforces duty on any person or organisation who will be undertaking work which involves the installation, renewal, maintenance or inspection of underground apparatus on streets or roads in order to ensure the work is under the control of a competent person.

Offers NRSWA Streetworks Course Across UK Wide Courses


Here at Project Skills Solutions, we offer a range of NRSWA courses available at our nationwide training centres. The NRSWA courses we offer are;

  • NRSWA Unit 2 Signing, Lighting & Guarding
  • NRSWA Unit 10 Signing, Lighting & Guarding
  • NRSWA Streetworks Operative
  • NRSWA Streetworks Supervisor
  • NRSWA Streetworks Re-Assessment
  • Cat & Genny Training

What Does The NRSWA Streetworks Course Teach?


The NRSWA Streetworks course teaches the skills supervisors need in order to carry out work to the standards of the New Roads amp; Streetworks Act 1991 – the legal framework for street works.

It is important to note the various NRSWA courses available such as those designed for supervisors and operatives. However, regardless of of the course you take both courses cover;

  • How to locate underground apparatus
  • How to set up equipment for works in the highway
  • Carrying out excavation, back fill & reinstatement

NRSWA Signing, Lighting & Guarding Courses


The NRSWA Unit 2 – Signing, Lighting & Guarding courses is designed for all supervisory personnel for the purpose of signing, lighting and guarding of any works in the highway. The course will assess you, followed by completing a question paper. You will also be required to provide evidence from a workplace where the assessment is carried out on a simulated site.

NRSWA Graphic

NRSWA Streetworks Operative Courses

The NRSWA Streetworks Operative course is designed for anyone who executes, works for, or on behalf of a company and is qualified for the activities being carried out. A street works site must have at least one qualified operative on site at all times during the works, alongside a qualified supervisor.

NRSWA Graphic Guidance

New Roads & Streetworks Supervisor

The NRSWA Streetworks Supervisor course is designed for anyone who executes, works for, or on behalf of a company and is qualified for the activities being carried out. A street works site must have at least one qualified operative on site at all times during the works, along with a qualified supervisor.  

NRSWA Graphic of works

Is Your NRSWA Card About To Expire?


The NRSWA Re-Assessment training course is for a duration of two days and is designed for operatives and supervisors who already hold the New Roads & Street Works card. Delegates will be required to take the Refresher course every five years after carrying out work on public highways.

The NRSWA Re-Assessment process has been introduced to improve the standards of workers on highways, following new regulations that came into force in April 2010.

If your streetworks card is about to or has already expired you will need to take a Re-Assessment course. Be sure to book your course early as you’ll have 6 months prior to and after expiry to take your course. If you take longer to complete your course, you may be at risk of re-doing the whole course again.  

Book Your NRSWA Course With Project Skills Solutions Today!


Here at Project Skills Solutions we run courses on a regular basis at our nationwide training centres, for delegates to become qualified in combinations of operative or supervisor units. For your guidance, operatives manually carry out work and supervisors are trained to ensure operatives are doing work correctly and safely.

For delegates working within the utilities or construction industry and require to work on the roads, you’ll probably find you need NRSWA training in order to hold a valid streetworks card.

Project Skills Solutions provides a range of NRSWA courses which include courses for Signing Lighting & Guarding, Supervisor’s and Operative’s. However, we understand it can be quite confusing understanding the difference between all three different courses. But rest assure, as we discuss the details of each courses and the difference between them all!

Courses are offered as either public open courses or if you have a sufficient number of delegates we can arrange courses at your convenience.

Do you have a group of delegates wanting to be trained for a NRSWA course? PSS can also arrange deals for groups of delegates wanting to be trained – simply call our training team who will be more than happy to discuss the various options with you! 0800 0213 263.

Project Skills Solutions UK Wide Training Centres


Project Skills Solutions are constantly seeking for ways to improve. With that being said PSS has continued to grow and now have numerous training centres across the UK, providing convenience for all delegates across the UK. In fact, we have recently opened new training centres in Birmingham, Dartford and London.

With Project Skills Solutions constantly expanding, we consistently strive to provide convenience for delegates as PSS always put delegates at the forefront of our decisions.

Prepare for your NRSWA Streetworks course

Want to prepare for your NRSWA Streetworks course, try out our practice quiz here.

16 Responses to “Your NRSWA Course Guide – Everything You Need To Know…”

  1. Jim davis

    Hi I recently completed my Streetworks course. But all I received was a cover letter confirming all units I had, this doesn’t include a qualification number? I’ve spoke to people and they said I should have received a number straight away so I can start work before my certs arrive.?

    • Sam Barton

      Hi Jim,

      I’ve passed this over to our certification team, the cover letter is automated once we confirm you’ve passed. I’m afraid we don’t have that in place for your number yet something I’ll raise/suggest to our IT team.

      Our certification team should be in touch shortly to help you some more.

      If there’s anything else you need though please let us know.

      Kind regards,

  2. Roy Clarke

    Need to renew Nswra card 4 months out of date, how long do I have to renew card
    Nearest location to Leamington Spa to renew card please

    • Sam Barton

      Hi Roy,

      The rules changed in April this year, you can now renew your card up to 5 years after it expires. However, you aren’t allowed to work under that card as soon as it expires.
      We have reassessment courses coming up in Birmingham and Walsall, I’ve asked the team to send you some dates and prices, if there’s anything else we can help with please let us know.

  3. Leanne Kay

    Please can you send me the streetworks course operative and superviser. We are based in Manchester so any local courses would be a bonus.
    Many Thanks

    • Kat Ely

      Hi Leanne,

      Thank you for the comment, if you visit the Operative page on our website and the Supervisor page it will give you all of the details on the locations, dates and prices. If you are in Manchester the closest centre to you is in Oldham.

      Any questions just let mw know, Kat.

  4. gary

    would it be possible to send me a picture of a blue supervises card and all information related to said card thankyou

    • Sam Barton

      Hi Gary,

      Unfortunately I can’t send you a picture of someone’s card due to data protection, however if you search on Google for “blue nrswa supervisor card” and look at the image results you will see pictures of the card. I hope this helps, if there is anything else you need please let me know.


  5. Niall mc Andrews

    Can you give me any locations for doing streetworks ticket in Northern ireland

    • Sam Barton

      Hi Niall,

      My colleague will email you shortly.


  6. Andy

    Hi can you email me a list of courses run in Newcastle please

    • Sam Barton

      Hi Andy,

      Of course, I’ll ask my colleague to do that this morning.

      Thanks, Sam

  7. david ayre

    Looking about doing a streetwork couse

    • Kat Ely

      Hi David,

      Where are you based? Then we can email you over details on your closest location.

      Kind Regards, Kat.

  8. Sam

    Hi how much would it cost for a street work corse and how long is the course

    • Kat Ely

      Hi Sam,

      Where are you located and which street works course is it that you are interested in?

      Kind Regards, Kat.


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