Virtual Courses Online Learning – A Real Alternative or Gimmick?

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Virtual online courses are not a new concept, but they have gained significant attention and recognition in recent years as a viable alternative to traditional classrooms. With the advancement of technology and internet connectivity, virtual classroom courses have become more accessible and efficient, making it possible for students and teachers to connect and learn in real-time from all around the world. They are becoming a real alternative to traditional classrooms, and an option for your training course you might want to consider.

What is a Virtual Online Course?

A virtual classroom is an online platform where teachers and students interact in real-time, using video conferencing, chat, and other tools to simulate a physical classroom experience. A Project Skills Solutions we usually run virtual courses via Zoom. The virtual classroom can be accessed from anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet, and it provides an opportunity for delegates to learn and collaborate with those in similar or different industry sectors from all over the country.

An alternative to classroom-based learning

Awarding bodies have carefully evaluated the requirement for virtual training where possible and have agreed that virtual online training courses are acceptable if being provided by an accredited training provider. This has been a game-changer for those wishing to gain the required qualifications for their jobs but lack the time or ability to travel to a traditional classroom setting. Furthermore, it has opened another option that training companies can now offer courses to their clients.

Of course, to provide online learning as an alternative to face to face requires the trainer to have the correct equipment for a professional presentation. Secondly, the course content has to remain the same but modified to engage the leaders in the virtual classroom. This is why at Project Skills Solutions our virtual courses are offered only when they are a real alternative to a classroom-based setting and can be made engaging and supportive enough. This ensures you will receive a quality learning experience.

Virtual classrooms have advantages over the traditional classroom setting:

    1. They’re flexible because you can access them from anywhere at any time.
    2. No travel time to course venues.
    3. There can be more dates to choose from, as the courses can be run by the trainer from anywhere and a venue booking is not necessary.
    4. You can learn in your own space, which some people prefer and it makes them feel more relaxed about your course.
    5. They use fun tools like videos and quizzes to help with your learning and understanding.

A Virtual Online Course – is it for me?

We all have different preferences to the way we learn – it may be that you need loud music or silence to stimulate learning. So where does virtual training sit as a learning experience? It’s a good question so we have a blog that explains what the learners experience.

If you prefer a controlled environment when you don’t get the interruptions from others attending the course then this is for you. There are still opportunities to interact in zoom breakout rooms with learning tasks with others in the course. You just won’t get distracted as the trainer can control the learning presentation muting all until the periods for questions.

The real bonus is that if you aren’t a real mixer and would normally consider an e-learning course for those reasons virtual is a real option. Limited interaction a real trainer to answer questions privately or open forum that you can control. There’s no getting stuck and trying to learn from a book but you will have to be available for the courses scheduled time. In addition, you will be amongst people who feel the same as you and prefer to learn this way!

Finally, if you need to gain the qualification quickly then you are no longer restricted by location and availability. Virtual training allows you to take the course from your own location you just have to select a suitable date and time. Virtual courses can be run for individual groups, therefore if you have a group of delegates in your company that require training, we could offer you the option of running a training course just for your group and tailor it to your companies needs.

What Virtual Online Courses can I take?

We currently offer the following courses with a virtual option offering regular dates:-

All of the Virtual courses can be booked online for individuals or if you have a group of delegates, call us 0800 0213 263 for details or pop on our Chat to speak to a member of our team.

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