Are You Cut Out For Management? Read This First

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Not everyone is suited to taking charge.

There are some people that relish the challenge and love overseeing all the different parts of a project and watch it come together. However there are also those that prefer to focus on one task, do it well and who are happy to take instructions rather than take the lead themselves.

You might have seen a managerial vacancy advertised in your own company or perhaps you want to move to further your career?

If you are wondering whether or not you can make the step up then read our blog first to find out if you are really cut out for management.

Not Every Manager Needs To Be An Extrovert

The popular opinion is that to be a successful manager you need to be an extrovert – someone that that can walk into a room and just ooze confidence and leadership.

There is no doubt that you do need to be a people person to be a successful manager because after all you are leading a team however Forbes showed that not every manager needs to be an extrovert.

In fact, introverted managers tend to be more analytical, take less risks, listen more to their employees and also be the voice of reason at times. Being outgoing certainly helps but it isn’t the be all and end all of becoming a manager.

Do You Tend To Focus On Every Small Detail?

Bad managers tend to be those that micromanage and try to control every little part of a project.

In fact we touched on this on a previous blog – How To Monitor Your Employee’s Work – and being a manager doesn’t always mean taking control as it also relies on giving your team the freedom to get on with their own tasks without interference. Delegation is a key aspect of successful management.

If you are someone that tries to take over the smallest details of a task then perhaps focusing on one particular aspect of a project is more suited to you than working on the big picture.

Can You Be Adaptable And Think On Your Feet?

This is one of the cornerstones of being a manager.

You just never know what the next day is going to bring. Someone might call in sick, another person might have an issue with the work or you might need to mix up your team to cope with disputes in your workplace or to cope with demand.

If you can think on your feet to cope with new challenges as and when they arise as well as strike a balance in your team to ensure productivity then management might just be for you.

Are You Cut Out For Management?

A good manager isn’t someone that is there to fire people, shout at employees and generally be the person that everyone else hates.

Management requires a fine balancing act that uses a whole host of skills from being able to take charge of a situation, be adaptable in your approach and allow your employees the freedom to work on their own initiative.

The good news is that there are training courses that can help you decide if you are really cut out for a managerial position.

It certainly won’t hurt to give it a try!

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