What Is IOSH Managing Safely Training?

In this blog, we’ll be discussing the IOSH Managing Safely course – what the course is about, why you should take it and the benefits. IOSH works with a range of organisations around the world in order to raise health and safety awareness and standards within workplaces around the world…. Read More »

Why You Should Treat Your Employees As An Asset

In the world of business, assets are not just the financial and physical resources that a company owns. Human resources, or more specifically, your employees, are equally—if not more—valuable. How do you view your employees? You pay them a wage and invest in training and development so they can work… Read More »

5 Benefits of a Well Trained Workforce

A well trained workforce are the backbone of numerous successful businesses. They serve as the driving force behind innovation, customer satisfaction, and consistent growth. Investing in employee development isn’t just a perk – it’s a strategic move that positions your business at the forefront of industry standards and best practices…. Read More »

Safety First, Success Follows: Why Managers Find IOSH Courses Valuable

Why Managers Find IOSH Courses Valuable While it’s not accurate to say that all managers love IOSH courses, many managers appreciate the value and benefits that these courses bring to their professional development and workplace. The level of enthusiasm or interest in IOSH courses can vary based on individual preferences,… Read More »

What Is NEBOSH & How Will It Help You As A Manager?

For safety managers, training and qualifications are a necessary part of the job. Your role isn’t just to ensure that everyone is adhering to your company’s own health and safety procedure, you also need to keep up with regulations and laws surrounding safety in general. One of the best ways… Read More »

Did you know you can take your SMSTS Course Virtually?

Are you thinking of getting your CITB SMSTS Certificate? Why should you attend the virtual course from home? Firstly, the CITB SMSTS training will help site managers, agents and supervisors to manage health and safety on a construction site. Secondly, the SMSTS course content is in accordance with current legal… Read More »

Improving mental health in the workplace

For many of us, we spent large portions of our week at work. The working landscape in the UK, and for most of the world, has changed. New technologies and easier communication have altered how we approach employment. This has led to many issues, such as higher stress levels and… Read More »

IOSH Managing Safely Training Courses in Reading

Project Skills Solutions have added IOSH Managing Safely training courses delivered in Reading. We currently deliver IOSH courses at approximately 25 venues across the UK and have recently noticed a demand in the Reading area. IOSH Managing Safely training courses in Reading have been scheduled for approximately every 8 weeks…. Read More »

3 Tips for Health & Safety Managers When Evacuating a Building

A full-scale building evacuation is something that we never hope to be involved in. We look at 3 things health and safety managers need to do to prepare for this type of emergency situation and find out why fire safety training is so important.    OK, so we really hope… Read More »

We Answer Some Questions for Employers Who Have Forklift Workers

Forklifts are a common part of many workplaces, however, managing forklift workers and ensuring that health and safety is maintained can be confusing for many managers. According to recent statistics, forklifts are the most dangerous form of transport to use in the workplace. 25% of workplace injuries that are caused by… Read More »

How can managers ensure safety during Ramadan?

Britain’s workplaces have become far more inclusive in recent years however there is still much work to be done. A report by the centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies at the University of Leeds found that negative perceptions of workers of Muslim faith still exist and this can be exasperated… Read More »

What is ISO 45001?

Health and safety matters from the very top of an organisation right down to the bottom. This is true of any business and particularly the construction industry. In a previous blog post – What are the main health and safety risks in the construction industry? – we found that there… Read More »

3 Methods To Improve Your Safety Culture At Work

Undertaking health and safety training is all well and good however the hardest part comes afterwards. You need to ensure that what is learnt during the training is adhered to. Training and awareness itself doesn’t necessarily develop into a safer working environment. While it can lay the foundations of a… Read More »

3 Things Safety Managers Should Avoid Doing

Being in charge of a group of people isn’t easy. Aside from all the usual things that you need to balance from different personalities and workplace conflicts, to ensuring that work is completed on time, a safety manager has added responsibilities. Keeping on top of health and safety legislation and… Read More »

How to Motivate an Underperforming Team

Not everyone performs to their highest level 100% of the time. This is OK as we are only human however when it starts to become a problem you need to take action. In fact, many managers are left wondering how to motivate an underperforming team when nothing they do seems… Read More »

A Guide For Managing New Employees

No-one likes being the new person at work. They probably don’t really know anyone and they might even be new to the industry itself. Workplaces can create cliques and it can be difficult as an outsider to integrate right away. For managers, new employees can create a problem as well…. Read More »

3 Reasons Why Micromanagement Doesn’t Work

We don’t like bosses that breathe down our necks all day long. While having a manager on hand should anything go wrong is a good thing, having them critiquing your every action in work has a detrimental impact on your performance. Micromanagement is a concept that has been around for… Read More »

How To Help Your Staff Work As A Team

When you think about it, workplaces can seem a bit strange. A group of complete strangers are thrown into an environment where they need to work towards a common goal. Disagreements and arguments are sure to arise at some point although we blogged about some effective ways to deal with… Read More »

3 Types Of Manager You Don’t Want To Aspire To Be

Most of us have worked for a bad manager at some stage in our working lives. While everyone can have a bad day there is a big difference between coming into work in a foul mood and being a bad at managing staff. In fact, a bad manager can directly… Read More »

Positive And Negative Reinforcement As A Management Strategy

Managing staff is never easy. Aside from having to supervise their work and deal with conflict or issues within your team you need to focus on your own tasks as well. There are various management strategies out there however positive and negative reinforcement are two of the most commonly used… Read More »

How Can You Improve Your Effectiveness As A Safety Manager

Health and safety is a topic that can spark a heated discussion. Many people think that health and safety regulations have gone too far and others think that they don’t go far enough. For managers this can prove to be a problem. Especially when it comes to managing your team…. Read More »

5 Tips For A Successful Safety Meeting With Your Staff

Meetings are often associated with the worst part of our working day. Sitting quietly in a room and having the dreaded “let’s go round the table and see what everyone thinks” isn’t everyone’s idea of a productive way to spend an hour. Meetings don’t need to be like this. In… Read More »

How To Successfully Allocate Work To Your Team

One of the frequent problems that new (and often experienced) managers have is allocating work to a team. It might sound like an easy task however it is not as straightforward as simply calling a quick meeting and giving everyone something to do. While new managers may struggle to take… Read More »

3 Leadership Models For Small Businesses

Small businesses are growing rapidly in the UK. The number of small businesses grew by 97,000 from 2015-16 and this represents an increase of 2 million since 2000. The SME market is booming however what this data doesn’t tell us is that 4 out of 10 small businesses will fail… Read More »

3 Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills At Work

When it comes to preparing for management or improving yourself in a leadership role speaking authoritatively and getting your instructions across seem to have much more importance than listening. The fact is that listening to your team or to the higher ups in your organisation is just as important. We… Read More »

Exercising Authority As A New Manager

So, you have just got a cushy new managerial job. Perhaps it is your first time being in a position of authority or maybe you have moved to a new company where no-one knows who you are. Either way exercising authority as a new manager is difficult. The last person… Read More »

Why Employees Should Learn To Disagree With Their Boss

When your boss asks your opinion on something or puts forward a proposal for changing the way in which a project is being run how many of you simply go along with the idea? Is it because you don’t want any confrontation or is it because you don’t want to… Read More »

3 Methods To Improve Your Communication At Work

Have a look at pretty much any job advertisement and being a strong communicator is going to be one of the main required attributes. This goes for every level in a company from the CEO, line manager and all the way down to the entry level employee. Even though companies… Read More »

How Useful Is Workplace Coaching?

How well do you think you perform at work? Does management give you sufficient training or do they offer a mentoring program? Workplace coaching has becoming immensely popular in recent years and it is seen as a new way to improve an employee’s performance while enhancing the company as a… Read More »

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