5 Tips to Improve Your Communication

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5 Tips to Improve Your Communication

Communication within the workplace is vital. In the modern world communication is taken for granted, instant worldwide communication is as easy as clicking a mouse. It is important now, more than ever, to communicate effectively.

Do you ever find that you have to explain yourself over and over again to colleagues?

How often have you given a colleague an instruction, only for it to be done wrong, or not at all?

Even though we communicate everyday, the ability to do so effectively is much harder than we might think. Improving these skills can make it easier to achieve better results and help you to become more effective in the workplace.

5 tips to improve your communication…

1. Face-to-Face

If you have something difficult to convey or that can result in questions, avoid emailing back and forth and speak face-to-face. It will be easier to understand someone if you speak to their face.

2. Repeat and paraphrase

Paraphrase what has been said to you back to the speaker, this can show that you care about what has been said and lets the speaker know what you understand. If this is not what the speaker was intending they have the opportunity to correct you, which is always better than you wasting time because the speaker was not clear.

3. Attitude

Your colleagues will want to talk to you more, and in turn communicate more effectively, if you have a positive attitude. Try to be visibly interested, take a positive approach and attempt to bring something of value to the conversation.

4. Confidence

Being confident in what you say helps you to speak clearly, avoid mumbling and helps people to understand you. Make eye contact, this helps you to connect with the person you are speaking with and to gauge their reactions.

5. Stay Positive

Even critical feedback should be given in a positive manner. Try to focus on behaviour and performance not character.

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