4 Ways To Drastically Increase Your Productivity

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We all know the script.

No matter how much you might love your job and the work that you do getting yourself motivated can be a challenge.

Never mind the 4pm drop off when your mind starts wondering to what you’re going to watch on TV tonight or the sneaky extra 10 minutes you take for your break.

We want to look at increasing your productivity throughout the day.

If you have trouble either keeping up with your current workload or meeting new targets then we have some great productivity tips to boost your performance.

#1 Tackle The Problematic Tasks First

I’m sure everyone has come across a challenge at work.

Something that you know is going to fry your brain. Well, instead of putting it off all day (or hiding the paperwork at the bottom of your to do tray) tackle this task before you do anything else.

If you have any time consuming or complicated jobs then get them out of the way first. It means the rest of the work you have throughout the day won’t seem as challenging.

#2 Follow The ‘Two Minute Rule’

This doesn’t apply to everything you do but it will increase your productivity for smaller tasks.

Pioneered by Steve Olenski the basics of this is that if you have something that will take 2 minutes to do then get it finished right away. This can be sending a quick email, putting some files away or anything that is only going to take a couple of minutes.

The idea behind this is that if you avoid these small tasks then you will spend more time doing them later. Spending two minutes every so often finishing smaller jobs is far better for productivity than having to spend 15 minutes trying to remember what it is you need to do later on.

#3 Follow The ‘52/17 Rule’

Studies demonstrate that working for 52 minutes and then taking a 17 minute break can drastically increase your productivity.

It is based on solid research that shows if you are fully focused for 52 minutes then let your mind recharge for 17 minutes in cycles throughout the day you will accomplish more. In fact the research backs this up and one particular study found that the most productive 10% of those who participated followed the 52/17 rule.

Focus on what you are doing for 52 minutes then allow time to recharge yourself which leads us to…

#4 Take Regular Breaks

We know that some workplaces are pretty strict on when you take an ‘official’ break from your desk.

However it is important that you split up your day by taking short breaks to quickly refocus yourself. Doing this can reduce mental and physical fatigue, improve concentration and therefore boost your productivity when you get back as the 52/17 rules shows.

Even if you can’t take a 17 minute break make sure you take smaller ones. Grab a coffee, get some fresh air or talk to co-workers throughout the day. You’ll be amazed how much more focused you are when you return to your desk.


Staying productive is a challenge in itself but by implementing even a few small changes every day you can stay on top of your work and boost your performance too.


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