IPAF Harness Training

When attending this IPAF Harness Training course, you will learn how to select, inspect and use harnesses and associated safety PPE when using a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP).

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    What is IPAF Harness Training?

    You will learn how to select, inspect and use harnesses and associated safety PPE when using a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP). The IPAF Harness training course runs over a half-day and is accredited by The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). IPAF training courses are globally recognised and developed by leading industry professionals.

    IPAF Harness Training Course Outline:

    • IPAF technical guidance on harnesses
    • Harness wearing: how to put a harness on
    • Harness adjustment: ensure delegates know how to adjust a harness so it is correctly fitted and has no slack
    • Lanyard adjustment: correct adjusting for the machine and the delegates
    • Attachment to MEWP: delegates will know where the designated anchor point is found and ensure the karabiner is locked
    • Proof of inspection: Delegates will know to check if each harness has proof of inspection
    • Who Should Attend an IPAF Training Course?

      The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) strongly recommends a full body harness with an adjustable lanyard (used to provide work restraint and adjusted to be as short as possible) is used when working from a boom-type MEWP. If as part of your job you operate from a boom-type MEWP, then this course has been developed by IPAF for you.
      The consequences of poorly fitted harnesses or incorrect product selection can be fatal, therefore training is vital for the safety of those operating from a MEWP.


      On successful completion of your course, you will have the Harness (H) Category added to your PAL (Powered Access Licence) and the certificate is valid for 5 years. If you do not have a current PAL card, then you will be awarded your certificate only. If you have any questions about your how your certificate will be issued, please contact our team.

    Course Content

    IPAF Harness Training Course Content:

    • Legislation, Standards and Guidance relating to MEWPs and Harnesses
    • Hazard analysis and risk assessment
    • Hierarchy of fall protection measures
    • Harness Lanyard and Fittings
    • Pre-Use Checks (includes practical exercise)
    • Fitting and Adjusting (includes practical exercise)
    • Usage and anchor points
    • Storage and maintenance of harnesses
    • Hazards and precautions when using harnesses
    • Rescue requirements and options


    There is a written assessment on this course. In addition, your trainer will make an assessment judgement on the practical training aspect of your course.
    On successful completion of the course, you will receive an IPAF Certificate, which is valid for 5 years. Anyone who has previously completed an IPAF Operator Course will have the Harness category (H) added to their PAL Card.

    Course Details

    IPAF Harness Course Details

    On receiving payment for your IPAF Harness training course, an email with your ‘course joining instructions’ is sent to you.
    This document includes the following details:

    • Your chosen course date
    • Course start time at your chosen venue
    • Address of your chosen venue, including a map screenshot
    • Details of what to do if you need any special requirements to complete the course

    You need to bring photographic ID, such as a driving licence or passport with you.

    Lunch is not included, so please provide your own.

    Entry Requirements

    All candidates must be physically able to participate on the course and over the age of 16. The course will be in verbal English as will all slides shown during the theory session. A translator can be provided by the customer if it is deemed necessary, however the translator cannot be a candidate on the course. If you would like to bring a translator, please get in touch with our team before your course date.


    • Hard hat
    • Safety goggles/glasses
    • High visibility jacket/coat/vest
    • Safety gloves
    • Safety boots
    • 1.5m full body adjustable short restraint harness and lanyard set

    Under no circumstances will any delegate be allowed to take part in any outdoor work without the above personal safety equipment.

    PAL Cards

    It is preferable but not mandatory, that delegates are in possession of a valid PAL Card. This is a 'Powered Access Licence' (PAL) for operating Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) or Construction Hoists (CHs). To qualify for a PAL Card, operators must complete an IPAF training course and pass a test at an IPAF-accredited training centre.
    IPAF add all cards and certificates to their ePAL App, you can download this from Apple App Store or Google Play.

    IPAF training is provided third party through an IPAF Approved training centre

    Course FAQs for IPAF Harness Training

    E-Learning FAQs for IPAF Harness Training