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Get ready to take your IOSH Working Safely course with a mock test. This mock test is close to the paper you would see on the assessment. Similar to the real thing, by taking this, you will familiarise yourself with a rough idea of the level and structure of questions you can expect to find in the live assessment.

Be aware that in Part B of both our mock test and the official test for the IOSH Working Safely course, you will be given an image and six suggested answers. Your goal is to use the suggested answers to complete the questions about what you see in the picture. We have created four questions like this, but please remember, these will look slightly different in the final test. 

IOSH Working Safely Assessment Format

  • The test should take 30 minutes to complete.
  • You need a minimum of 30 marks out of 49, but it’s split into two sections. Part A and Part B.
  • Part A is marked out of 33, and you will need a minimum of 20 marks to pass this part.
  • Part B is marked out of 16, and you will need a minimum of 10 marks to pass this part.

The IOSH Working Safely Mock Exam

Below is the mock exam. Fill in the questions as asked and click submit once finished.

The below mock test is for information purposes and does not replicate or replace the actual test. The questions in our mock will not show up on your course, and you will not receive a certificate for completing our mock. 


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6 Responses to “IOSH Working Safely Mock Test”

  1. Atiq Ur Rehman

    Very Informative. I Get 21/49 from my test

  2. foxy

    thought I did quite good for first go very interesting

  3. Tim

    1st attempt, got 43/49 feeling confident about the real exam, hopefully get the risk assessments section correct as well.

    • Tom Williamson

      Hi Tim, well done on the mock test. If you want to prepare for your Risk Assessment section on the IOSH Managing Safely course, we have made a video where a trainer talks you through the whole Risk Assessment. Check it out on YouTube

  4. tim w mcconnell

    43 not to bad must read question properly

    • Tom Williamson

      Well done Tim, 43 is well beyond a pass. Great job.


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