Why Professional Development Really Matters

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You have your shiny new degree and you’ve just landed yourself a pretty sweet job.

That’s you sorted as far as your professional life goes, right? Well not exactly.

The thing about the modern workplace is that everything changes so quickly. Laws change, procedures change and the way that you are expected to do your job can change as well.

Professional development sounds like annoying office jargon but it is actually extremely important if you are to be a success in the workplace.

So, why should you be concerned with developing your skills?

It Can Advance Your Career

Most people don’t want to be in the same job in their 30s that they were doing in their 20s.

You might not make it to the position of CEO but advancing your career not only expands your professional horizons but it leads to better pay and more opportunities in life. Professional development and embarking on training in the workplace can help you advance your career.

In fact a recent survey found that 53% of millennials stated that having access to professional development would make them stay with their current employer. .

You Can Address Your Weaknesses

Aside from advancing your career embarking on professional development can help you address your own weaknesses in the workplace.

No-one is perfect and we all have flaws when it comes to our effectiveness in our jobs. Rather than ignoring these shortcomings or avoiding them at all costs taking courses can help you improve in your current role.

Everyone needs help in the workplace at some point and simply discounting professional development can harm your performance and your reputation.

It Contributes To Employee Satisfaction

Did you know that 59% of employees think that their organisations commitment to professional development plays a major role in their job satisfaction or that 50% of managers in the UK want to devote more time to the development of their team?

Offering continued development training to pick up new skills and improve existing ones is a big factor in retaining employees and keeping them happy at work.

Doing the same thing day in and day out gets incredibly monotonous after a while and allowing your team to expand their own skills and aim towards professional progression will improve their satisfaction and performance.

Professional Development Matters

The best way to look at professional development is like this.

From an employee perspective you want to get better. You want to have a chance at promotion or to address weakness in your performance. If your employer provides access to this training and qualifications you will probably be more likely to stay with them.

From an employer’s perspective it not only keeps your employees content but improves your business by boosting their skills and creating a culture where people want to work for you.

Professional development isn’t just manager speak. It’s a way in which both employees and employers can benefit not only in the here and now but in the future as well.

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