What is ILM training? and what is it worth?

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What is ILM training? and what is it worth?

A lot of people are unsure what ILM is, what it is equivalent to and how it can help their careers.

ILM (The Institute of Leadership & Management) is at the leading edge of leadership and management thinking. Research programs into new management ideas, techniques and methods ensure ILM courses are constantly improving, helping to develop our candidates leadership and management skills.

Project Skills Solutions are a training company offering management courses and training in Essex and UK wide. As an ILM accredited centre we offer ILM leadership and management courses at a range of levels.

Often we are asked what is the best level to take and to put the qualification into some context we have provided some equivalent levels of qualification below. Candidates take ILM courses for a variety of reasons we see about a 50/50 split between delegates who have decided to take the course themselves to improve their career and those who have been offered the course by their organisation.

See below for level of ILM and the equivalent level of qualification.

ILM Level 2 = NVQ at Level 2 or GCSE grades A*-C

ILM Level 3 = A-Levels, NVQ at Level 3

ILM Level 4 = The first year of an under-graduate degree, NVQ at Level 4, Certificate of higher education

ILM Level 5 = The second year of an under-graduate degree, Diploma of higher education

ILM Level 6 = The third year of an under-graduate degree, BTEC advanced professional diplomas, certificates and awards

ILM Level 7 = Post-graduate certificates, diplomas and Masters degrees

2 Responses to “What is ILM training? and what is it worth?”

  1. Abraham Abiade

    I already have a higher Certificate in Education which is called Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE) and Final Diploma in Laboratory Technology (HND).Could you tell if I can start at ILM Level 6. Currently I am working with SIA License as a security officer in a company I wish as quick as possible to transform into an ILM role.

    • Sam Barton

      Hi Abraham,
      There aren’t any entry requirements for the ILM courses so you’d be able to attend, however, we don’t offer the Level 6 program as an open course.
      Hope this helps,


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