NRSWA Unit 10 (S1)

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NRSWA Unit 10 courses in Rainham, Essex. We hold regular open courses in Rainham, alternatively if you have a group we can put a date on for your team, giving you more selection on date and schedules.

The NRSWA Unit 10 course in Rainham teaches you how to stay safe while supervising the setting out of signing and lighting on the highways, and how to keep traffic and pedestrians safe while moving around your work.

Is NRSWA Unit 10 for you?

The Unit 10 course is for anyone who is required to supervise the putting out and setting up of signing and lighting to direct traffic and pedestrians. This is usually because you and your team are required to work on or nearby highways, many supervisors from different industries need their Unit 10 qualification to work in industries such as:

  • Tree surgeon or landscaping
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Building works
  • Event management
  • and more.

If you are physically putting out signing and lighting on the highways, you will need the NRSWA Unit 2 course.

NRSWA Unit 10 Content

  • Provide a detailed plan for an intended site, preferably from a real road, showing all distances and dimensions in accordance with the Safety at Streetworks and Road Works Code of Practice.
  • Make formative decisions and recommend remedial action from a given plan.
  • Observe an operative surveying a work site and record observations and remedial action required from the site plan.
  • Observe an operative setting up and taking down a site.
  • Record observations made and explain reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with site operations and working practices.
  • Explain any remedial action required.
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