Got A Deadline Coming Up? Read Our Time Management Guide

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Are you currently sitting in your office wondering why you have procrastinated so much?

Maybe you have just started a new project and the deadline for completion is on the horizon?

Deadlines are part and parcel of most workplaces however actually meeting a deadline is not as easy as it sounds. You can get caught up in other work or simply just forget the actual date the project needs to be completed by.

If you struggle with meeting deadlines then read our handy guide to stay on top of things and keep your boss and your clients happy.

Break The Project Down Into Manageable Goals

Rather than setting a final deadline for the whole project to be completed use smaller deadlines for each milestone.

Having smaller deadlines makes the entire project seem much more manageable. It means you can work towards these targets without putting yourself under pressure and trying to do everything by one specific date.

Mini-deadlines will help you not only to meet your targets but also make the project seem a lot less daunting overall.

Use Trello To Monitor Progress

Trello is a really easy to use web based project management application that will let you not only keep on top of deadlines but also manage your time a lot better too.

You can create a board for each project, control who accesses it, upload files and set due dates on project cards. It also sends out reminders both via email and through notifications on the app (that is compatible with iOS and Android).

The best part is that Trello is free! You can use the Business Class feature which comes at a cost but has added functionality however for most projects the basic system is more than enough to ensure everyone meets the project deadlines.

Plan To Finish Before The Due Date

This is easier said than done however try and set your own deadline before the actual project is due.

Doing this gives you a bit of breathing space. Using a soft deadline also means that you can accommodate any last minute disasters or make any necessary changes as required without delaying the completion of the work.

It isn’t always possible to finish up before the deadline however even completing your work a day early can leave you time to make any alterations and who doesn’t love finishing a piece of work earlier than expected?

Completing Your Project On Time

With these tips you will ensure that any deadline coming up will be met. Missing a deadline can turn a great relationship with a client into a sour one pretty fast.

One last thing to remember is to reward yourself when you finish up a project.

Whether you have completed your work a week early or pulled an all-nighter to meet a deadline the next day make sure that you reward yourself at the end.

Deadlines are a necessary part of the relationship with your team and your clients and with just a few adjustments to how you approach a project you will ensure that everything is finished on time.


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