Do You Need To Gain Your CSCS Labourer Card?

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So you’ve been told to get your CSCS card, perhaps you’re about to start a job that requires you to be on construction sites, or your existing job now asks for you to hold the green CSCS labourer’s card. This blog should tell you what the card is and how to get one.

What Is The Green CSCS Labourer Card?

The Green Labourer Card allows individuals to work on construction sites in entry-level positions. The card is issued as part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, which stands for CSCS. The CSCS Labourer Card shows employers you have acquired the essential health and safety knowledge via training courses and have a solid understanding of the best practices on a construction site. The general work required for a labourer is usually physical and doesn’t require advanced skills.

Do I Need a CSCS Labourer Card?

For many employers, a CSCS card is required due to compliance purposes but is not a legal requirement. However, the CSCS Labourer card is strongly recommended for those who are seeking to work within the construction industry as a labourer, as most building sites require a valid CSCS Labourer card.

Applying For CSCS Cards

In order to gain your CSCS Labourers card, applicants need to prove they have the training & qualifications required to carry out their job. In order to attain a CSCS Labourers card you will need:

  1. To achieve a level 1 health and safety qualification, one of the most popular is the CITB Health and Safety Awareness. It can be completed in a classroom or remotely via a virtual course using Zoom. You can book that here.
  2. To pass the CITB Health, Safety and Environment (touchscreen) test within the last two years. You can book one here.
  3. Apply for your card online or over the phone (0344 994 4777).



Virtual/Remote Courses

You can now complete the health and safety qualification remotely. You can join a virtual classroom via Zoom from the comfort of your own home. You’ll have a real trainer and real classmates for learning activities during the course, and you’ll earn the same certificate, eligible to apply for your CSCS card. For more information visit our blog on virtual training courses.

Try our Mock Health and Safety Awareness Assessment and get a better idea of what to expect during your course.

When Can I Apply For The CSCS Labourers Card?

As soon as you have evidence of completing the level 1 health and safety course and the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test you can apply for your card.

Can you apply before receiving your course certificate? 

People often need their card as quickly as possible, perhaps after receiving a job offer or moving to a new worksite. Because of this we recommend attending the CITB Health and Safety Awareness course, the certificate arrives pretty quickly but in most cases, you don’t even need to wait for your certificate. You can show evidence of completing your course using the CITB card checker.

CITB Card Checker

A few days after your training provider has submitted the course paperwork to CITB for the Health and Safety Awareness course, they will upload your result to the CITB card checker.

You can then enter your surname and national insurance number to see your results.

You can take a screenshot of your result and use that as evidence of completing the course rather than waiting for your certificate.

Screenshot of citb card checker to get your cscs card


HSE Test & Exemptions

In order to apply for a CSCS card you must have the appropriate construction related qualifications and training. In most cases you must pass the CTIB Health, Safety and Environment Test within the previous two years. Exemptions to this requirement are listed below.

Aim Of The HSE Test

The aim of the test is to examine knowledge across a wide range of topics to improve safety and productivity on site. It is usually taken as a PC-based touch screen test. Aside from exemptions (as explained below), those applying for a CSCS card must pass the appropriate health, safety and environment test.


The exemptions for taking a CITB Health, Safety & Environment test apply if;

  • One has achieved the applicable construction-related NVQ or SVQ within the last 2 years

This is available to new applications and cannot be used for card renewals.

  • If you hold a SOLAS card. CSCS has a mutual recognition agreement with SOLAS (previously known as FAS (Eire) Safepass which acts as an exemption to the Operative or Specialist CITB Health and Safety Test requirement providing it has been completed within 2 years of the application being made).

Further Details On Gaining Your CSCS Labourers Card?

Are you looking to work on a construction site and been asked to have a CSCS Labourers card? There are three things which you need to do to gain your CSCS Labourers Card. You need to;

1. Phone 0344 994 4488 and book in for the Health Safety and Environmental test. This consist of 50 multiple choice questions and takes around 45 minutes to complete. The cost of this is £19.50 and can be completed at your local driving theory test centre.

2. Once you have completed the Health Safety and Environment test you need to book onto either the 1 Day IOSH Working Safely training course or the 1 Day CIEH Health Safety and Awareness training course. The IOSH is more of a general course tailored to suit any industry whereas the CITB Health Safety Awareness course is specific to the Construction industry. 

3. Once you have completed both of these, you can phone the CITB, pay £30 and they can order your card. You should receive this within a copy of weeks.

For more information on your CSCS card, or the CITB Health and Safety Awareness Training Course, just contact the Project Skills Solutions Training Team.

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