How long will it take to complete ILM Level 3 Training?

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ILM Level 3 Training in Essex


ILM Level 3 in First Line Management is split into 3 sections, award, certificate and the diploma. The most popular options for delegates are the award and the certificate. The award will take 4 days to complete and is 4 workshops. The certificate is 7 days and each delegate completes 7 units.

ILM Management Training

We run the ILM in Basildon as an open rolling program. So you can start at anytime and stay for the 4 workshops or for all 7. We run one unit a month, so if you complete the certificate it would take approximately 7 months to complete. Then with the award it would depend on which units you had selected as to how long it would take you to complete. For instance if you were selecting the first unit and the last you it could possibly take up to 7 months to complete. For each unit you have to complete a work based assignment, these are due approximately two weeks after the unit was taken. Each assignment is approximately 1500 words, there are a series of questions which ask you to relate what you have learnt in the workshop back into your roll at work. You will need to gain 50% or above to pass each of the units. If you do fail or any reason the trainer will send the assignment back to you with comments to review and then you can resubmit.

On the successful completion of the course delegates will gain a world recognised ILM Certificate.

If you would prefer to learn alone in your own time, ILM Level 3 can be completed via our e- learning platform. We also run the ILM Level 2 and ILM Level 5 training courses in the same, open rolling program in Essex.

If you have any questions on ILM, want to book a course or wonder what level is applicable to you please do not hesitate to contact us.

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