IOSH Managing Safely Training Available In New Venues…

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IOSH Managing Safely Training

Project Skills Solutions provide the IOSH managing safely training course, which is designed for managers or those with a senior role within an organisation. The course provides knowledge on understanding your health and safety responsibilities as a manager.

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Here at Project Skills Solutions, we provide IOSH Managing Safely courses at a range of our nationwide training centres.

We believe the role of a manager should have an understanding of their responsibilities when it comes to health and safety. With the IOSH Managing Safely course being an interactive and easy to follow training course, comprising of videos, games and quizzes, Project Skills Solutions provides an interactive and engaging learning experience.

What Will You Gain From IOSH Managing Safely Training

Project Skills Solutions understands how the role of a manager is important to an organization due to the responsibilities and duties required for one to manage. After completion of the IOSH Managing Safely course you should be able to…

  • Ensure the well-being of your workers. You will be given a detailed understanding of your responsibilities as a manager and with maintaining the best practices in relation to health & safety
  • The course will equip you with the tools to effectively assess & manage risks within a workplace, the ability to investigate incidents & identify hazards in order to reduce accidents & illnesses occurring
  • Help keep your workplace safe & avoid accidents via developing a stronger health & safety culture
  • Have a direct impact on the safety of not only the people within your workplace, but you can also help encourage health & safety procedures within the overall community as well if this is positively perceived
  • Provide a clear track record of responsible management. This is very beneficial for an organization as it can earn your company credibility within the industry. This can leTick Badgead (or maintain) your organisation’s stellar reputation
  • Gain sharper skills in managing safely which can lead to improved business performance not only for you, but colleagues & the community

Project Skills Solutions New Training Venues…

Here at Project Skills Solutions, we are constantly expanding our range of training courses which is why we have introduced new training venues available in Watford, Cambridge & Kent. Project Skills Solutions is constantly growing and we always seek to provide training centres where there is popular demand, is convenient and provide an enjoyable learning experience for our delegates, every time.

Watford Training Venue

Our training venue available in Watford is held at the Aldenham Golf and Country Club to provide a comfortable and convenient location. Our venue is surrounded by nature’s beautiful greenery, with a picturesque location. You’ll have ease of access, with the venue being located just off the M 1. Nearby are is Watford North and Garston train station which is a short distance away, creating convenience for your journey.

Cambridge Training Venue

Map of training schools across UK

Our training venue available in Cambridge is held at the Bourn Golf & Leisure Club, which is enclosed within a rural location, surrounded by greenery. Cambridge town is within close distance, being only 8 miles away, where you’ll find a range of attractions within close distance.

Kent Training Venue

Project Skills Solutions training venue is also available in Medway, Kent, just of the M 2. Nearby is Rainham and Bearstead train station, which are both a 15 minutes drive away. Our training venue is within a modern venue and close by to a range of attractions.

IOSH Managing Safely Course Details

IOSH Managing Safely course;

  • Duration is for 3 days
  • Hours are from 8.30 am – 5 pm
  • Is a limited sized class to allow greater interaction with our trainer

The course is designed to give those with a managerial role, specific information you need to know and be aware of. With the IOSH Managing Safely course, you’ll learn how to keep yourself and those around you safe, promote a safety conscious culture, reduce absenteeism, meet legal requirements and earn an internationally recognised qualification.   

Enrolling For IOSH Managing Safely

By enrolling for an IOSH Managing Safely course can significantly help steer towards a career growth. You’ll not only benefit from personal development, but you’ll gain a substantial amount of knowledge and skills which will be of valuable service to your organisation.

We now offer the IOSH Managing Safely course through our eLearning platform, meaning you can complete the course in your own time. If you would like to book the IOSH Working Safely via eLearning, visit or click here and select eLearning from course options.

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