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The IOSH Managing Safely course has two parts. A multiple-choice exam to prove your knowledge post-training and a risk assessment, also known as the practical assessment. This blog will talk you through the practical assessment so you feel confident when undertaking your IOSH Managing Safely.

As a note, at the end of the blog, we have a video where our trainer talks you through the full practical assessment in detail. You can view this on our page or via YouTube here

The Practical Assessment (Risk Assessment)

This part of the IOSH Managing Safely course is created to give you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge in a real-world scenario. The objective is to carry out a risk assessment for your workplace or a workplace of your choice. This task is a ‘take-home task’, meaning that you do not complete it under exam conditions, and you have 14 days to complete it after the final day of your IOSH Managing Safely training course. 

The task is to identify four hazards from different categories you will have learnt about during the course. These categories are;

  • Biological
  • Chemical
  • Environmental
  • Mechanical
  • Organisational
  • Physical

You will need to find examples of hazards from at least four of these categories and figure out how likely the event could occur, who it will affect, what you currently do to lower this risk, and what you are going to do to minimise this risk.

Risk Scores

Part of the risk assessment gives each risk a score based on the likelihood of occurrence and the severity of the consequences. These scores range from a 1 (Very unlikely to happen, and if it were to happen, the effects would be minimal) to a 25 (Very likely to happen, and if it were to happen, the consequences would be severe). This is an essential part of your risk assessment and helps display the information in an easy to read format.

Risk Score guide

Practical assessment guide (video)

Our trainer Ian has created a video to assist you in completing your IOSH Managing Safely Practical Assessment. This video comes straight from our eLearning platform in which delegates can take the course in their own time, anywhere they please. We advise you to watch and follow the video when completing your practical assessment.

A new video will be available soon.

Book your IOSH Managing Safely Course

If you need more information on the IOSH Managing Safely Course or would like to book with us, you can contact our team through the live chat on our website or by calling us on 0800 0213 263. Alternatively, visit our course page to book through the website here.

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