How To Get Promoted To Management Level

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An intruding thought often plays in the minds of thousands of employees across the country.

It starts off as a casual voice in their head then they start to hear it every day – “My potential is wasted in this job”.

Moving around various companies and aiming to climb the career ladder is natural however many people don’t know how to put themselves forward for promotion.

What if I’m rejected? What if I do get the job and have to manage the people I used to work alongside with?

These are all normal thoughts but if you are serious about being promoted to a management level position then here are some great tips to help you along the way.

Forget The Us vs Them Mentality

A common problem in many workplaces is the manager’s versus employee’s attitude that often arises.

Businesses work when everyone is pulling in the same direction however many people think that the only relationship they should maintain with a manager is being told what to do.

If your company has a formal or informal mentoring program then don’t hesitate to get involved. A study by the Human Resources department of Sun Microsystems (albeit back in 2007) showed that employees who were open to being mentored in the workplace were 5 times more likely to achieve promotion.

Rather than thinking of managers as the enemy aim to build relationships with them, take on board what they have to say and work with them to make the business a success.

Take Responsibility For Your Work

I’m sure we all know someone who never does anything wrong at work.

The person that blames a mistake on someone else or goes out of their way to show how it wasn’t their fault. Rather than creating an invincible image of themselves it actually has a detrimental effect on their career prospects.

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s just human nature. Don’t think that covering up mistakes is going to get you to management level because eventually the false façade you have created for yourself will crumble.

What separates ordinary employees from those that will achieve success is not just owing up to their errors and learning from them but focusing how to make things right.

Actively Seek Promotion To A Management Position

OK, don’t constantly badger your boss into telling you when a management level job is going to be open. You’ll probably find yourself near the bottom of the pecking order if you do.

What we are getting at here is acquiring the skills necessary to prepare yourself to be a manager.

This can mean taking courses to further your development, bringing new ideas to the table, helping others in the workplace and learning more about how the organisation works as a whole.

You might have mastered your own responsibilities in your current position but how does that qualify you to move up the career ladder?

Never stop your professional development or think that you know everything there is to know about your company.

Getting promoted isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time but developing as an employee and building relationships with those higher up in the company will not only get you noticed but will stand you in good stead for a management level position.

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