A Guide For Managing New Employees

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No-one likes being the new person at work.

They probably don’t really know anyone and they might even be new to the industry itself. Workplaces can create cliques and it can be difficult as an outsider to integrate right away.

For managers, new employees can create a problem as well. Not only do you need to spend time with induction and helping them to settle in but you need to monitor how they fit with the existing dynamic.

We have created a short guide that will help to manage new employees and ensure that they get up to speed and become accustomed quickly to their new role.

Ensure Everything Is Set Up

Going into a new job can be daunting enough however if the employee has nothing to do on the first day or very little in the first week it can make the time drag even longer.

Before your new worker arrives makes sure that everything is set up for them. This includes their desk, email accounts, logins and anything else associated with their job. Even if there isn’t a lot of work for them to do at least they can familiarise themselves with the way in which the office works.

Using Senior Employees As Mentors

This works best if you have a large team. For smaller groups then all the existing employees can act as a mentor however in a medium sized or big organisation this is not always possible.

Pairing the new start with an experienced worker is a great way in which to provide a means of support for them to fit into their new role. While it can take some time away from the senior person’s work it will remove the isolation that can come with being a new employee and it also frees you up as well.

Conduct Regular Supervision Meetings

These should be carried out for all employees however with a new start it is worth completing a regular check on their performance.

A supervision meeting doesn’t necessarily need to be focused on targets but it can involve ensuring that the person is settling into the job well. Listen to any concerns they have or what they like or dislike about the role. It will make the process of integrating them into a fully-fledged experienced member of your team a lot easier.

Managing New Employees In The Workplace

You might think that the person you hired is perfect for the job but even if they are, integrating them into an existing team isn’t easy.

The initiating process should be individualised to your own workplace however this short guide can be applied in nearly all cases. Not only does it help to avoid isolation for the new employee but it also allows you as a manager to keep on top of their performance and help them settle into their new role.

Not every new employee works out however by taking the necessary steps to integrate them into your team then they will fell valued and an important member from day one.


A guide to manage new employees, manager and their team.

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