Exercising Authority As A New Manager

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So, you have just got a cushy new managerial job.

Perhaps it is your first time being in a position of authority or maybe you have moved to a new company where no-one knows who you are.

Either way exercising authority as a new manager is difficult. The last person in your new role might have been very popular with the team or you could be having difficulty finding your feet and adjusting to supervising people.

There are some things that you can do which will help you hit the ground running and gain the respect of your team.

Start With Believing In Yourself

If you don’t believe yourself that you are capable of carrying out the tasks as a manager then why should the people working under you have any faith in your ability?

Think about it. You got the job. You obviously impressed the higher ups into giving you the role based on your abilities so don’t you think you can lead a team?

Exercising authority starts by having a sufficient amount of self-belief in yourself and your capabilities as a new manager. Confidence (not arrogance!) and thinking logically about things will earn you respect.

Don’t Focus on Your Past Achievements

You obviously got the job by what you have done in the past however for many workers this isn’t going to matter because they care what you are like now.

Don’t place a high emphasis on what you have done previously if someone challenges your authority as a new manager. While having experience or showing past expertise is a good thing the focus should be on what you are doing in your present role.

Your team will respect achievements in your previous role but you should concentrate on the future and building a rapport with your new employees.

Take A Proactive Approach To Your Team

Rather than shying away in your office and trying to avoid your staff as much as possible take a proactive approach to management.

From the first day make it clear that you are there for any issue whether big or small. Set out the way in which you want the team to operate and take on board any feedback or constructive criticism.

Management isn’t just about displaying your authority but it also incorporates a diplomatic approach whereby you include everyone in the decision making process. Ultimately the buck stops with you and it is your responsibility to make decisions but engaging with your team and listening to their concerns will do wonders for your credibility.

Showing Authority As A New Manager

Bad managers tend to come into a new role and start displaying a dictatorial nature. Sometimes this is done because they feel insecure as a new manager and feel that they need to exert their authority and to show who is in charge.

Good managers on the other hand not only have the belief in themselves and what they can bring to the role but also engage everyone in the process.

Exercising authority as a new manager isn’t just about shouting orders and supervising everyone’s work rather it is building a healthy and effective relationship with your team and by doing this you will gain a position of trust and competence in your role.

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