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I just heard on the radio that currently in the UK 2.56 million people are unemployed ( so understandably it is more important than ever to make sure your CV stands out. It is extremely unlikely for anyone to be hired based on their CV alone, but it is incredibly easy for someone to be ignored based on their CV. So you make sure you do everything right, the layout is perfect, it details all of your strengths, you have checked it, asked a friend to check it and then checked it again. You have done everything right and yet the phone is still not ringing, what have you done wrong? Well the answer could be many things, but it may be that you have done nothing wrong. It could just be that ‘the competition’ has a stronger CV than you.

PRINCE2 – Get ahead? Keep up!

PRINCE2 is a project management methodology used by many government and private institutions this can be a great way to boost your CV, last September the number of PRINCE2 exams taken reached 1 million. With the pass rate in 2012 at 97% for foundation and 75% for practitioner you can imagine how many people have a PRINCE2 qualification. These are the people you could be competing with for that project management job you’ve always wanted.

It has stopped being about getting ahead of the competition and become more about keeping up, I asked a Project Management recruitment company for tips on how to boost a CV when looking for your next project management role.

Arras People

Lindsay Scott, Director at Arras People commented, “ You’ve hit the nail on the head – it’s about keeping up with the competition – the project management marketplace. PRINCE2 accreditations, rightly or wrongly have become the defacto standard in project management. This basically means that organisations that are looking for project management staff will include it on a job specification regardless of whether their organisation actually uses it when delivering projects. Why? Because it’s a fall back position when having to describe the kind of project people they’re looking for. It’s difficult to write a job specification and advert that can clearly convey what it is the organisation needs, so when it comes to the section about what industry training someone should have PRINCE2 has beaten APM and PMI to take pole position”.

Lindsay went on to say, “Taking and passing the PRINCE2 accreditation has become a tick in the box exercise. For experienced practitioners who are struggling to find work today, my advice is just do the PRINCE2 examinations. Once you’ve got that, you seriously need to look at the development that is really going to make you stand out from the competition – not just the me too”.

Level the playing field

Keep up with the competition, you can be good enough for the job and never get an opportunity to prove yourself to employers because you do not meet their job specification. Project Skills Solutions offer PRINCE2 courses across the country, once you have completed your course you can start competing on an even field and show potential employers that not only do you have the skills they are looking for but also the qualification.

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