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This programme forms the standard agenda for our NEC3 training courses or it can be tailored specifically for your organisation on an in-company basis - using your own contract scenarios.

This is a detailed one day course which gives an overview of the different types of contracts available within the NEC3 suite of contracts. It explores in detail the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) which is the most commonly used form within the suite for managing a construction contract, which includes many of the core clauses which are common to the whole suite. The course reviews the various options available in terms of being a lump sum contract, target cost or a cost reimbursable type contract as well as looking in detail at the intricacies of understanding and administering the contract for the benefit of all involved in running a project. Whilst the contract is written such that it should be easy to use and understand, it is different culturally from other forms of contract and parties can get into difficulties if they do not understand or administer the contract.

Course Content

At the end of the course those who have attended will understand:

The different types of contract available within the NEC suite and when they will be most applicable
The overriding philosophy and culture of the NEC contracts that are common to all
All of the contract documents involved and their relative importance
Each of the core principles of the contract which include defined terms, communication, early warnings, contractors responsibilities, payment, defects, liabilities and termination.
The importance and significance of the programme and how it will be managed contractually for the life of the project
How change will be managed, and in particular the principles of Compensation Events and the strict processes and timescales involved

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