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Course name: EUSR Water HygieneDate(s) of course: Wed 18th AugDuration: 1 day course including lunch
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About Energy & Utility Skills

EUSR is the register of training and skills for the energy and utility sector. Schemes and programmes is developed by Energy and Utility Skills and qualifies an individual for registration on the Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR).
EUSR schemes and programmes are spread across many industries including Gas, Power, Smart Metering, Telecommunications, Waste and Resource Management, Water and Cross-Industry.

EUSR National Water Hygiene Course

The National Water Hygiene scheme is highly recognised by the water UK industry. The scheme plays a major role with promoting safe drinking water practices and the protection of public health and promoting safe drinking water practices.
Water organisations across the UK usually mandate National Water Hygiene for individuals entering clean water sites or engaged in operations on the clean water network, whether in direct contact with water or not.

What Is The Blue Card?

The Blue Card has replaced all water company-specific hygiene schemes. It also removed the need for workers to undergo separate testing, health screening and to carry multiple cards. Many water companies across the UK now mostly mandate the use of the National Water Hygiene card.

The Blue Card is for those entering a clean water site or engaged in operations on the clean water network, whether in contact with water or not.

Course Content

EUSR National Water Hygiene Course Content

The Importance of Water

Individuals will reflect on the definition of wholesome water, whilst focusing on the importance of it as a food source and the impacts of a world without clean water. Delegates will gain an understanding of the scarcity of clean water and the role water plays in maintaining a healthy and functioning society.

Water as a Carrier of Disease

Delegates will gain an understanding of how water can be a carrier of the disease. An understanding of historic cases which enables an understanding of the waterborne disease and developing the best practice. The module also explores the various illnesses and diseases which can be contracted via ingestion of contaminated water.

Potential Contamination and its Consequences

Explores the potential sources of water contamination across all areas of the UK water industry and the consequences should contamination occur.

Preventing Contamination

Exploring the steps delegates take to prevent contamination of the clean water supply. Actions delegates can take to safeguard water quality and providing specific examples of working practice which can be adopted in a small number of high-risk scenarios

Course Details

EUSR National Water Hygiene Course Overview

The National Water Hygiene training protects the safety of water through good hygiene practices while working on restricted operations as defined in the technical guidance notes:

"Work which may involve direct or potential contact with untreated sources of underground water, with partially or fully treated water within water treatment works or with treated water, or any surface of an operational asset (including those temporarily out of use) which will itself be in contact with potable water at any stage in its distribution to the point where it is made available to consumers"

Health Screening

A health screening questionnaire must be completed by all individuals prior to the training and assessment. In this questionnaire, individuals must declare whether they have, or have had in the preceding 12 months any of these illnesses:

- Typhoid
- Paratyphoid
- Dysentery
- Persistent diarrhoea or vomiting
- Jaundice or Hepatitis (A or E)
- Prolonged unexplained fever

If the individual has or has had, any of these illnesses, then medical clearance must be obtained before any EUSR registration application can be submitted.

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