3 Methods To Improve Your Communication At Work

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Have a look at pretty much any job advertisement and being a strong communicator is going to be one of the main required attributes.

This goes for every level in a company from the CEO, line manager and all the way down to the entry level employee. Even though companies focus on this trait many modern businesses don’t practice an effective internal communication policy. Important details can get lost as instructions aren’t clear from one department to the next and this can have negative effects for your clients.

While we previously looked at ways in which you can give negative feedback to an employee we have devised 3 methods that will allow for a better flow of communication between staff members and management in your workplace.

Don’t Rely Solely On Verbal Communication

A common mistake for managers is to rely on verbal instructions or details without following it up with a paper or digital copy.

In a busy workplace staff can jump from one task to the next and sometimes being told an instruction verbally shoves it to the back of their mind. While telling someone to carry out a task or to check up on an issue for example is often the quickest way of communicating make sure to follow up with an email as well.

This ensures that the employee will remember your instructions and also that they have something to reference if they aren’t 100% clear on what to do.

Focus on Team Building

How many offices have a culture of everyone turning up ay 9am, doing their work and then itching to get out the door at 5pm?

We aren’t saying that everyone in the office has to be best friends but team building activities either outside or in work can have a massive impact on how well everyone communicates with each other.

Work retreats or even holding a social event every so often allows staff and management to get to know each other better. This in turn leads to more confidence and a better chance that instructions, issues and feedback will be better communicated across the board.

Hold Regular Staff Meetings

This sounds fairly obvious however many companies don’t hold regular staff meetings.

Usually team meetings are called to address a specific issue or to get an update on a project however a monthly staff meeting with everyone involved is a great way to address problems, keep everyone in the loop and to allow for effective communication across departments.

These meetings also allow employees to feel important and to give them a platform to be involved in the goings on in the business. No-one likes meetings just for the sake of it but a monthly gathering can be incredibly beneficial to the workplace environment.

Communication is key to the running of an effective workplace but only if it is carried out correctly.

Businesses that use a proper communication strategy are 50% more likely to have a lower employee turnover than those that don’t.

Workplace communication doesn’t just improve how a business operates but it also has a significant impact on employee satisfaction and the overall success of the company.

Improve your communication at work

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