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Health and safety is such an important topic and figures can vary wildly between industries, however there are many interesting facts which cover workplace safety in the UK as a whole. Which is why in this week’s blog we’ll be revealing 10 hidden facts about health and safety you must know…

#1. There Were 144 Workplace Fatalities In The UK Last Year

This is actually an increase of 9 deaths in the workplace from the previous year. The construction industry in particular is 4 times higher than the average workplace fatalities to occur within a year. In fact, the most workplace fatalities in the UK happen in the agriculture and waste recycling industry. However the UK has the second lowest fatal injury at work rate in Europe.

#2. 30.7 Million Working Days Were Lost In 2017-18

Stress, anxiety as well as musculoskeletal disorders accounted for the main reasons why working days were lost in the UK. The average amount of days lost per person suffering from these conditions was 16.5 days and this has remained more or less consistent over the past 8 years.

#3. Workplace Injuries & Ill Health Cost £15 Billion Per Year

Even though injuries at work have been on a gradual decline in recent years, work related injuries and illnesses still cost the UK economy £15 billion every year. Business fines for safety breaches have almost double increasing from £38.8m to £72.6m, due to changes in the law.

#4. Finance Sector Has The Highest Stress Levels

Mental health is one of the most common reasons for taking days off work but how big an impact it is varies by industry. A study showed 69% of finance workers suffered from stress, with local and national government coming second (68%) and healthcare third (66%).

#5. Information & Communications Has The Lowest Stress Levels

Those working in the information and communications sector and admin and support services suffer lower stress levels than other industries. Microbusinesses which have 4 or less employee’s experience the least amount of stress whereas larger organisations (over 500 staff members) experience the most.

#6. Injuries Are Reduced When Employees Have a Say At Work

Creating a strong culture of safety is vital to promote good working practices. Some studies have shown injuries to be reduced by 14%, as a result of involving employee’s within safety discussions and the decision making process.

#7. Asbestos Related Conditions Are On The Rise

There were 2,595 deaths from mesothelioma in 2016 and asbestos related deaths and diseases are rising mainly due to exposure prior to the ban on using asbestos in 1999. Rather than fall, this is expected to increase in the coming years.

#8. 40 Year Old Legislation Is Still Vital

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) still lays the groundwork to workplace safety. It might be over 4 decades old now but it is important to ensuring employers take the necessary measure to keep everyone safe. While other legislation and regulations specific to each industry accompany the Health and Safety at Work Act, this piece of legislation remains the cornerstone to safety in the UK.

#9. Brexit Won’t Have As Big An Impact As People Think

Turn on the news any day of the week and what will be the first thing you hear? Brexit. Contrary to popular belief, exiting the European Union shouldn’t have a massive impact on health and safety as EU safety laws are expected to be incorporated in UK legislation and we already have strong safety legislation in place.

#10. Training Helps Make Workplaces Safer

Finally, health and safety training is vital to make workplaces a safer place. Whether it is taking training on a specific part of your job or more general safety training, it all helps to ensure that you, your team and your organisation implement safe practices at work.

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